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Placeable Shelving v 1.1

27 July 2017
Here I would like to ask you the shelving system for disposal, which you already know from LS15 and already has premium status, thank you here for.

New version 1.1
Without warning and with new category "bearing technology" thanks to Ifko
You can reapers, pallets, Attachments ... store it.

Modell: TackleTextur: TackleScript: Gaints, IfkoIdee / Konzept: Tester:Sonstige:

Product Maschines

25 July 2017
On the one hand you have a pig feed maker.
Input: wheat, barley, maize
Output: pig feed
Secondly, there is the grass Trickner Mini
Input: Grass
Output: Hay
the whole is Placeable. The zip must not be unpacked.
many thanks to Maruh for the factory script.

Nokian tyres v1.0

24 July 2017
nokian tyres by giant
inside the zip file you will find the input string in xml


advertising sign

23 July 2017
This is an advertising sign for installing the GE, it may be designed to any size.

Woodcutter TD3 v

23 July 2017
The TD3 wood chopper. Since with mobile devices it is always something tricki is to make woodchips I have these placeable.
Check the chopper.

Simply cut whole trees into the tub and you already get fast and effective wood chips.

Filling tank nearly 300000L
Output bin nearly 150000L (bucket / conveyor belt removal)
Processing speed 30000 per hour

Credits: Marhu/Kevink98/Kastor/Giants

Small open shack [PLACEABLE]

22 July 2017
It's a small open shack for your car, tractor or some pallets.
Price: 1500
Daily: 0
Model: izuzf
Convert & Ingame: PCH Studio Poland