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Contemporary 3x1 Door and Arch for Sims 4

11 May 2017
Contemporary 3x1 Door and Arch
 for Sims 4
From the Sims 3, I bring to you the double contemporary 3x1 door normally referred to as the Knock-Knock door

And its accompanying 3x1 Arch normally referred to as The Great Egress

The door comes with 7 recolour options to choose from

The Arch has 5 recolour options (see attached images)

Both objects resides in the door category of the Build mode. The door can be purchased for 800 Simoleons and the arch for 400 Simoleons under the names Door double contemporary3x1 Door and Door double contemporary3x1 Arch respectively

Polygon Counts:
That stats for the door are as follows
Lod high-1904 Poly
Lod Medium-752 Poly
Lod Low-44 Poly

That stats for the Arch are as follows
Lod high-732 Poly
Lod Medium-378 Poly
Lod Low-217 Poly

Additional Credits:
Ea,TSRW,Sims4Studio,Milkshape,Photoshop,Paint,net and Lithunwrap
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