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Alcoholic Trait for Sims 4

27 February 2017
Alcoholic Trait
 for Sims 4
Version has been updated!

"For these Sims, it's never too early for a drink. As alcohol is a depressant, Alcoholic Sims are often sad. Their habitual state of drunkenness makes it hard for them to make and keep relationships. Luckily, they'll always have their booze to comfort them."

Not all Sims are perfect, and many of them have their vices. For Alcoholic Sims, their love of drink is both a pleasure and a downfall.

This is a custom trait for your Sims 4 Sims. As it's my first custom trait, there will likely be updates in the future.

Sims with the Alcoholic trait have a knack for learning the Bartending Skill, have a harder time establishing relationships and a harder time keeping them. As a result of their drinking, their Bladder need will decay faster. Their Fun need also needs more attention to stay high.

Whims include*:

- Make a Drink
- Travel to the Bar
- Have a Drink at the Club
- Buy a Bar
- Meet Someone New at the Lounge
And many more!

*Please read known issues below!

Please comment any feedback and enjoy your game!

- There is a problem with the S4PE not recognizing the whims when creating the .package files. Therefore, your Alcoholic Sims may not receive associated whims! This is not a problem I can fix so we will have to wait and see if the creators of the S4PE or the creator of the Sims 4 Buff and Trait factory manage to resolve it.
- Having too many custom traits installed at once has been known to cause problems in your game.

Additional Credits:
Credit to Zerbu for the Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory, without which this would have been impossible.
Credit to the creators of S4PE
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