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Peterbilt 389 Optimus Prime Skin for Viper’s Truck Mod for ATS

28 July 2017
I saw the comments on my previous Optimus skin page today, It seems that it doesn’t work on new game version. So I made another one,here it is.
It’s not all the same to Optimus because all the flames on the cab, sleeper, fenders are came from the hood. (I will definitely make a more formal and real Optimus Prime skin that every skin part will be the same to Optimus in the future but now, this skin is just for urgent use on new game version.)
【【【The original file is credit to “skiner”】】】 , I just replaceed the DDS file for saving time. so don’t use this skin with his “Peterbilt 389 Viper Skins pack update” skin to avoid conflit. This is just a skin for fun,if you wanna change the skin, it will be fine.
Tip: Remmember to choose the right sleeper and other parts to make it be Optimus Prime~

Peterbilt 389 Four Skin Pack for ATS

28 July 2017
– These skins are for Peterbilt 389 truck
– All cabs supported, but Ultracab should be preffered
– No manifest files

Volvo VNL 670 truck for ATS

28 July 2017
This mod will add Volvo VNL 670 to Peterbilt dealers.
– Cool Volvo VNL 670 truck mod that works great, no errors!
– It has little tuning and has metallic paints from ETS2

Freightliner Cascadia V2.1.3 edited by Solaris36

27 July 2017
Peterbilt dealership.
Fully standalone.
Updated to ATS 1.3.
Advanced couple feature ready.
More accessories.
Added Canadian license plates.
Cabin accessories & SiSL megapack addon included.
18WOS skins collection.
Other minor changes.
Please inform about problems/errors. Thank you.
NOTE: Interior animations (dashboard lights, some controls, wipers…)need updating but when trying to import and updated deform and not work properly when export. Some warning lights from dashboard do not work. Maybe someone knows or can fix these problems.
For 1.3.x ATS game version or higher.
All my works:
Truck: Original mod for 18WOS: SLAMAUSER. Convert to ETS2: Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar. Convert to ATS, fixes, updates, edit & upgrade: Solaris36. Skins Bellavance by: Solaris36. Skin Club Eagle addaptation by: Solaris36. Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum.

Kenworth K200 for ATS

27 July 2017
A beautiful sight seen on Australia and New Zealand Roads. The Kenworth K200 has become very popular. This is a extremely nice model to drive with more options and updates being added over time.
Registered in the Kenworth Dealership. Is found in the company’s orders. Is present in the Trucks Gallery.
– Has real engines, (Cummins, Cummins ISX, Cat, and Paccar)
– Transmissions
– Sounds
– Interior cabin with right and left-hand drive
– Additional controls
– Own Skins, Metellic Coloring and templates for editing
– Chassis: 6×2, 6×4
What’s new:
* Added new engines and the sound of them: Cat C15, Cat 3406, Cummins ISX, Cummins Signature, Paccar. Author kriechbaum
* Fixed dachport on the radio and other errors
* Adaptation to the new version of the game (1.20)
* Change of the registration
* Altered taillights
* The frame is now a choice of two colors.
* Fine tuned exhaust pipe through the lumen
* Added a box against the lumen behind the cab
* Removed navigator with a non-existent external cab truck
* Chrome Removed inscription in the interior and backup dachport speed on the instrument board

Vnl 670 Black Edition ATS 1.5 Truck

27 July 2017
What new ? well not much just
mud flap
gauge cluster
everything from the ats 1.4 is here with the new add on of Aradeth love and support him for he made the truck i just redid the wood seat.