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28 July 2017
This mod reduces the dimensions of the mirrors that are part of the HUD (those shown/hidden by pressing F2). This is the same mod I have already made for ETS2. It is based on the mod “Small Left hand HUD Mirror for UK rhd Trucks” by Reef_UK at Crockett’s House Forum. Thanks go to him for creating the original mod.
Two sizes are included: either 70% of the original size or 50% of the original size. As with the default mirrors, pressing F2 will display either left only, right only or both.
Tested 1.0.0 Game Version

I Support Single Moms Mudflaps Pack v 1.5

28 July 2017
Version 1.5:
* Use SCS Blender Tools for mod replacing old development method of using hex editor…
* Add chrome flaps support for all trucks!
* Reduce size of textures (same resolution, better compression)
* Split custom trucks into their own directory as to avoid any conflicts if SCS release the same truck
* Set desc.txt file line ending to: DOS / Windows (CR / LF)
* Include 2 additional new flaps for all trucks!
Author: BlackBloodRum

Exhaust Smoke for ATS

28 July 2017
This mod adds smoke animation exhaust
Exhaust smoke for kenworth_t680_kenworth_w900_peterbilt_579
After you install smoke continuously.
Tested version 1.1.1
In the archive there is a dds texture just in case if someone need less soot!
Replace in fashion archive, in the folder : model /particle

Offroad Wheels Pack for ATS

27 July 2017
– Wheels are standalone
– Mod works fine, has no errors
– Pack contains plenty of tires and rims to choose from
– Mod manager ready

Peterbilt 389 Viper2 Chrome Pack Mod

27 July 2017
This is a realistic chrome pack for the Peterbilt 389 (Viper2).
All the chrome parts are without the strange black chrome.
Place this mod above the Peterbilt 389 Viper2 mod in the mod manager.
The additional download is a link for the mod in the Steam Workshop.

Detroit Diesel High Torque Engines + Allison 4500 v 1.1

26 July 2017
Includes 2 Detroit Diesel engines, 14.8L DD15, 15.6L DD16.
Includes 1 Transmission, Allison 4500.
This combo easily hauls anything.
* Fixed problem with Engines not working with Peterbilt trucks.
Author: SRK

American Pro Truckers Rim Pack Mod

26 July 2017
Thank you for downloading this mod!!! Please enjoy this mod that is specially prepared for people who like the personalization , the mod consists in the following: Includes: 4 pairs of rims (both front and rear) in 4 types that are(Aluminum,Black,Chrome and pintable) 4 pairs of nuts(short nuts,long nuts,tube caps, and caps of peaks (equal in 4 tones) 2 options of covers (in front) and 3 back . 2 pairs of wheels( Michelin Multiway and Michelin XF2A ) options hub!! That is this? Taking advantage of this small option added the possibility of paint either the oval or circles of the rims e.g.: the rims Alcoa consist of 10 Circles which now you can leave in aluminum tone,Chrome,black or painting to your liking yourself with the other 3 pairs of rims .. the mod is compatible with the accessories of the DLC of rim (with the exception of the nuts) Full standalone is also compatible with ETS2 The mod also will be extended with more rims and parts (depending on what occurs to me and the time you have to do it lol thank you for downloading greetings to all