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Kenworth W900 Sunny metallic paintjob Mod

26 July 2017
– Metallic skin for the Kenworth W900 truck
– It is mod manager ready

Pacella Trucking Express box trailer

26 July 2017
– Standalone trailer also available for ai traffic
– Made on the box smooth version
– Only tested on 1.4 patch, no errors during test
– Mod manager ready


26 July 2017
Small patch to fix the issues identified so far, give it higher priority in the Mod manager:
Test on version 1.5

Klaas’ Experience Mod v 1.1

26 July 2017
All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not repost this mod.
Contact: [email protected]/* */
Experimental mod, please save your profile or use a new profile.
Use contact adress for bugs or any suggestions.
This mod change the amount of experience that you receive for each job.
Not compatible with my economy mod.
– Added x10 and x20 versions.
[ Requested mod ]
Author: Klaas

PETERBILT 389 V2.0 Truck

26 July 2017
Peterbilt 389 v2.0. This track is the envelope a similar model in ETS2. Sold in Peterbilt salon.
– 5 cabins, 7 types of chassis.
– 5 types of interior.
– Its sounds.
– His wheels.
– An extensive tuning.
Test version 1.0.0.

Peterbilt 379EXHD Sound Pack Reworked ATS

26 July 2017
Hi guys, This is my first mods I make.
The sounds are by kriechbaum Reworked by me.
Its work only with the Peterbilt 379 EXHD Last version of the truck.
The Download like have the truck and the mods in the same files !

Its have all you want:
Cat C-15
Cat 3406E
Cummins N14
All Engine !!
Reworked the Jacob, Turbo, Airgear.
Real Horse Power and Torque ratio for some engine !
Sorry for my English, And see you next time guys !

Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.0 for ATS

26 July 2017
This is an overhaul to my old mod. Now the truck looks more like the real prototype. New interior, new exterior, new upgrade parts, new sounds, all new. The UV template is also new, so sorry about that skinmakers, i tried to retain old uv map, but too many changes were made that made it impossible.
Located in Peterbilt dealership.
-4 cabin variants
-Cabin physics enabled (may be minor clipping)
-New bumper variants
-New rear lights and mudguard variants
-New visor variants
-New front and side mirrors
-New tanks (fixed proportions)
-Reworked headlights, real life lightmask
-Additional interior tuning
-Sound inside the cabin normalized (lowered exhaust sounds), if you don’t like it you can swap sound .sii files from the previous version
-Reworked raised roof geometry to make it more smooth
-Changed interior light hookup (light still leaks to outside of cabin, but there is nothing i could do)
-New paintjobs, bumper and roof cameras, author – Piva
-UV-map finally fixed, for real this time (i hope so)
-All engines sound update (turbo, gear shift etc)
And probably something else i forgot to mention.
It would be better to sell your old truck before installing this mod, otherwise some bad things will happen.
Rig’n’Roll authors: Softclub-NSK
Some parts were borrowed from different trucks, authors: dmitry68, stas556
Misc details used inside: don’t know/can’t remember
Sound author: odd_fellow
Interior camera: kimi112
Wheels: ventyres
Pretty much everything else was made by me (odd_fellow) and SCS.
Also big thanks to Kriechbaum for particular sound files and ideas.
Tested on version 1.1.
I am NOT gonna make UK variant just because i’m not interested, if you want to see it, please donate. Do not reupload this mod without my permission.
SCS Software, stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow

Kenworth and Peterbilt bumper mod Multiplayer

26 July 2017
*en el kenworth t680 no se puede tocar el chasis ya que crea un conflicto y desaparece uno de los bumpers.
*el kenworth t680 day cab no se puede modificar en el multiplayer ya que crea conflicto con los escapes debes modificarlo en el single player
*en el peterlbit 579 se puede modificar libremente
*contiene motor de kenworth w900
*In the Kenworth T680 you can’t mofify the chassis because it will cause conflict and the bumpers will dissapear.
*In the Kenworth T680 “DayCab” you can’t modify it on the multiplayer because it will cause conflict with the exhaust pipe. Any modification to this mod must be done in single player.
*In the Peterbilt 579 you can modify it freely without any issues (Kenworth W900L Caterpillar engine C625 included)

Peterbilt 579 v 1.0 Interior

26 July 2017
Veränderte Dashboard Farben für den peterbilt_579

Red Classic box trailer for ATS

26 July 2017
– Trailer is standalone and present on traffic
– Tested just on patch 1.4
– Manifest files are included