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GAZ 69 for Farming Simulator 2017

2 July 2017
 GAZ 69 for Farming Simulator 2017

Heidewitzka !!

... Achjaaa so beautiful many new and modern vehicles in LW17 -

and I have to do nothing else than my old R-ostlauben

, Again in this new, chic - intershop world to bring back?

First I needed my time SUVS, and since now also issa!

So I've done nothing, he suddenly stood before my door;)

Now, what is new about this VINTAGE?

1 - you can now choose between three color versions, see screens.

an old neutral civil DDR-gray, forest green and a faded Saharan dam,

(If you ever want KAKTEEN planting?) ^^

2 - new is that the old tires were retained because

of the Pickup's from the LW17 the best sake did not fit him.

had already considered whether I still begrudge him a set of narrow road tires,

(If you plan times, with the WIFE ((very chic)) to go to ALDI)

But who buys itself a 4X4 and then builds up so narrow pneu's ran?

... so not me ! - Which is why you must now live with it;)

3 - the switch button for the search headlight has changed,

found on the right-hand dial by block, key. 5

or by simply clicking the button "F".

(The searchlight can still be looking to the re-mouse button)

4 - the sun visor can also, as usual, with the left-mouse button handle-back.

(In the new version a little slower, especially for the LADIES WORLD for makeup)

5 - he now has a tacho-lighting, but if all the Russian show -

function properly - I do not know? ^^

(Russian and English fahrzeugeletronik have one thing in common,

they seldom work, the RUSSIANS then einsahen, and later -

only on the ignition and the alternator concentrated, with ROLLS ROYCE continue -

their models surrendered only in areas where there was only agreement workshops. ^^

(Sorry - smalltalk something must be)

6 - if the GAZ 69 is multiplayer capable, I do not know unfortunately also? - I currently

SINGLE am ... but I hope he runs the WWW!

7 - oh yeah - the tow bar you must buy now, unfortunately for 200 Euronen,

SORRY, - but I need to see indeed where I stay - neva)

... Because I had earned at this GAZ 69 in LW15 nothing

I was shifting now my source of income to the trailer hitch.

NOTE BRAND: - you can name the "GAZ" down later in my modDesc under

title = "insert, ie title =" "GAZ". - Then that is also displayed in the SHOP, I myself

do not like it, because I then when go into my vehicle, "GAZ GAZ 69" appears at the bottom,

and the annoying anyway;)

... I mean, I've known my CART! ^^

(And the category BRAND, I've never used)

but should times a mod coming out, the vehicle name to hide the board,

then you can this indeed changed later, and everything has its order. ;)


NOW MEN! - That's it for from BALOO, - hope you find like him, and cheaper -

robust it is not going ... but it is you be a faithful companion,

unless you get along with the Russians technique. ;)

(Or just slightly to occur, tolls tender behämmern.) - Often enough! ^^

LOG is clean with me!

Some technical data:

THEN HAVE FUN - and remains cool and happy !!

... Ool BALOO, (also in mafia circles known as "mainzibaer") - the lovable HARLUNKE)

(I give also getaway car)

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