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Chevy 3500 HD Converted

19 March 2017
Here is a new Chevy 3500 conversion from FS 2015 To FS 2017.
There is no engine sound.


Landrover Defender Dakar

14 March 2017
The speedometer and tacho
Animation dashboard
Opens all the doors and hood
IC - Control
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable

2D/InGame(C) Maxter, MasterGod

2007 gmc v 1.0

10 March 2017
2007 gmc sierra crew cab


UAZ 3163 Patriot v 1.0

10 March 2017
Motor selection: 100-165-190 hp
Speedometer and tachometer
Animation dashboard
Color selection
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable


bronco 1979 v1.3

9 March 2017
Hello farmer .. here I present a new version of l bronco1979 .. you see with more skin or textures to choose

Brand: Ford
Model: bronco 1979
various colors
Hp: 200
Speed: 123 kmp
Body: by default, red_white, blue_sky and black_fire

The bodies: yelow_runner and red_racing will only be released to those who like to make a small donation XD
Mail for more information:
As always many hours to edit .. so have fun!

vegueta GS

C10 Fleet Side LWB 1966

9 March 2017
Author 3d-model: Turn10 (DriverSF) MODALL Conversion and ingame LS2015: MODALL scripts: Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ
conversion ls17

Ford F350

7 March 2017
Here is a ford f350 I converted from fs 15 to fs 17 i used the old pic from fs 15, but the lights are fine and work no errors that i know of. 

original author

CanAm ATV Apache Wheel + MultiColor v 1.0

5 March 2017
- Converted original ATV with crawler tracks to wheels.
- Added color selection
- Added motor selection
- Adjusted some model settings


Lizard Pickup TT with RUL

1 March 2017
Here I have a small modification of the original vehicle.
I was there all the time has already upset the standard pickup from Giants no Rundumleuchte.
That's why I am drangemacht to change this.
It is not a great remodeling but I share with you in because there are certainly some players who want them to also but have no knowledge of the GE.
This is the standard Lizard Pickup TT with a flashing beacon.
The specifications remain the same.
Price from € 54,000
Maintenance from 60 € / day
Power 200 PS / 147 KW
Tank 60 liters
Speed ??120 Km / h
All LS17 standards
No Logfehler!
Have fun with the little tag!
This is my first mod I publish. I have repeatedly carried out already in LS15 tags of vehicles for myself. That is not here great I know and am aware of!
However, I beg leave to no stupid comment or insults.
For ideas or improvements I am open.

Lizard Road Rage V1.0.1

28 February 2017
- 3 types of engines: 5.0 (Stock), Super Lizard (quick off the line), Insane (... need to say more)
- 2 types of tire set ups: Trailer Package (more grip for pulling), Doughnut (stock grip fun with Super Lizard)

Spidomter and tachometer
Color selection
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable
added a hitch so you can attach trailers
added weight for pulling

Giants, DSquirrel