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Ford F-350 and F-250 King Ranch

18 July 2017
Everything works on them as far as I can tell. Both trucks are fully dyeable too. They have also been scaled down a tad bit. All lights and hitch points work.

The F-250 has fully working lights as well as glow effects to the exterior. I just have to add the glow effects to the F-350.

If you have any problems let me know. Both trucks are in the .zip.

Original Author(s): Unknown
Convert to FS17: End_Of_Days

1973 Mercedes-Benz 200D

16 July 2017
The best-selling Mercedes-Benz of the sixties and seventies.
The famous W115, better known as "slash eight".
version 1.0

Author 3d model:
Lowrider Extreme, MODALL
Conversion and game LS2015:
Conversion and game LS2017:

Animated Bauer
tire tracks
Trailer hitch

It is forbidden to upload this mod new, not even in a different form!
Please use the original download link!

Pick Up TT

12 July 2017
Here the original pickup from the game.
I have installed a revolving lights Balcken and div. Worklight.
I have also installed a front linkage.
I wish you much fun with the mod.
Your Skyline2000744
Attention! For the Mod of Light addon mod is required.
Link to mod:

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG 6x6 v 1.1

9 July 2017
Power - 612 hp
I opened the door, glass sink
IC - Control
The dust and traces of wheels

SpectralDodger, FSMT,, Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Alex2009, Bart, NLD Farmers, Evgenij

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

8 July 2017
Lamborghini Gallardo spyder
version 1.0

Renault Megane Cabrio

6 July 2017
Here we have our Renault Megane Cabrio for you we had this. Already in ls15
The roof can also be openable
1. ovens the trunk KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_8
2. ovens of Dach's on KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_9
This must happen in this order.
Left door KEY_j
Right door KEY_k
We wish you much fun with this mod.

1966 custom Chevy 4 × 4 v 1.0

6 July 2017
1966 custom Chevy 4 × 4 v 1.0


Mercedes Benz G 65 AMG 6x6 v 1.0

2 July 2017
Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG 6x6: all-wheel drive pickup


GAZ 69

2 July 2017

Heidewitzka !!

... Achjaaa so beautiful many new and modern vehicles in LW17 -

and I have to do nothing else than my old R-ostlauben

, Again in this new, chic - intershop world to bring back?

First I needed my time SUVS, and since now also issa!

So I've done nothing, he suddenly stood before my door;)

Now, what is new about this VINTAGE?

1 - you can now choose between three color versions, see screens.

an old neutral civil DDR-gray, forest green and a faded Saharan dam,

(If you ever want KAKTEEN planting?) ^^

2 - new is that the old tires were retained because

of the Pickup's from the LW17 the best sake did not fit him.

had already considered whether I still begrudge him a set of narrow road tires,

(If you plan times, with the WIFE ((very chic)) to go to ALDI)

But who buys itself a 4X4 and then builds up so narrow pneu's ran?

... so not me ! - Which is why you must now live with it;)

3 - the switch button for the search headlight has changed,

found on the right-hand dial by block, key. 5

or by simply clicking the button "F".

(The searchlight can still be looking to the re-mouse button)

4 - the sun visor can also, as usual, with the left-mouse button handle-back.

(In the new version a little slower, especially for the LADIES WORLD for makeup)

5 - he now has a tacho-lighting, but if all the Russian show -

function properly - I do not know? ^^

(Russian and English fahrzeugeletronik have one thing in common,

they seldom work, the RUSSIANS then einsahen, and later -

only on the ignition and the alternator concentrated, with ROLLS ROYCE continue -

their models surrendered only in areas where there was only agreement workshops. ^^

(Sorry - smalltalk something must be)

6 - if the GAZ 69 is multiplayer capable, I do not know unfortunately also? - I currently

SINGLE am ... but I hope he runs the WWW!

7 - oh yeah - the tow bar you must buy now, unfortunately for 200 Euronen,

SORRY, - but I need to see indeed where I stay - neva)

... Because I had earned at this GAZ 69 in LW15 nothing

I was shifting now my source of income to the trailer hitch.

NOTE BRAND: - you can name the "GAZ" down later in my modDesc under

title = "insert, ie title =" "GAZ". - Then that is also displayed in the SHOP, I myself

do not like it, because I then when go into my vehicle, "GAZ GAZ 69" appears at the bottom,

and the annoying anyway;)

... I mean, I've known my CART! ^^

(And the category BRAND, I've never used)

but should times a mod coming out, the vehicle name to hide the board,

then you can this indeed changed later, and everything has its order. ;)


NOW MEN! - That's it for from BALOO, - hope you find like him, and cheaper -

robust it is not going ... but it is you be a faithful companion,

unless you get along with the Russians technique. ;)

(Or just slightly to occur, tolls tender behämmern.) - Often enough! ^^

LOG is clean with me!

Some technical data:

THEN HAVE FUN - and remains cool and happy !!

... Ool BALOO, (also in mafia circles known as "mainzibaer") - the lovable HARLUNKE)

(I give also getaway car)


Chevy Silverado 3500HD

26 June 2017
Chevy Silverado 3500HD

It's a work in progress.

Known issues:
Exterior camera will get stuck under the truck. Sometimes it will happen, other times it wont. Working on a fix.
Brake lights won't work. I hate working with lights in FS17. Buggers are buggy as hell. If anyone has a fix for it please let me know.
Lights flicker in and out at different angles and distances.

Installation is like any other FS17 mod.

If it doesn't show up it might be a mod conflict.

Bcbuhler (model from FS15)
End Of Days (convert to FS17)
Unknown (random parts of the model like tires)