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John Deere W330 v 1.0

27 July 2017
Manufacturer John Deere category harvest author Master Modder Size 22.81 MB version publication 28/10/2016 5.7 m working width 5200 l capacity 216 hp Rape, wheat, barley

Giants, Kondziu25, RedFox


26 July 2017
Description From the New Holland CR 1090
This NewHolland arose from an obsession !!! The fun of it probably !!! LOL !!
The DATA !!!
Ps Power: 1653 ps
Cost: € 215,000
Costs Pro / day: € 760
Speed ??60 kmh
Fuell / Tank: 4300
New sounds as engine start and end and work Sound Receiving (he roars)
Filling capacity: 18500 ltr
Abbunkern 550 liters / min
Tires and Craller (chains) Exchangeable From standard to ultra-wide !!!
So that the New Holland !!!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
Now for Capello Quasar_HS_16
Cost: € 26 000
Keep at day 100 €
Operating speed: 18 kmh
Changeable color scheme costs 800 € So as usual !!!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Now we come to New Holland 3162_SuperFlex_Draper_45FT Cutter
Cost: € 31 000
Maintenance Per day: € 120
Operating speed: 18 kmh
No color scheme So also no additional money which you have to pay !!!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
This mod is from me and DO NOT Where else uploaded or modified and be reingestellt again without my permission (license) !!!
Have fun with it Lg Thunder01 !!!

Fortschritt E 516 B with 4 cutters

25 July 2017
Here comes the progress E 516 B Package 2 Geringhoff folding cutters in green and blue, where her rape plate dealer or workshop other u. Remove can, besides, of course, there's the original progress cutting where also the rape plate, and the dividers can be broken down to u.. Last but not least I made you another Maisgebiss finished. Everything was possible we have encouraged and built, all cutting units and the thresher. ALL works with helper function and has been tested without errors (MP we did not try). The mod must be unpacked !!!!!!
Credits: AirVolk and Tonda CZ (chassis, Progress SW) LS agricultural machinery (Geringhoff reapers) Maiky1989 (corn head)
This mod is a REWORK, ie it was rebuilt by us, made LS17 ready, Animated and new textured. We thank the Urmoddern
This mod and associated matters are not "stolen" but rebuilt and made fertg for LS17. It is and has been to build our honor these parts and things to ver-order and new.
Should UrModder offended ausgenutz, peed or otherwise feel that, we take the Mod gladly again from the portal, only makes the LS gamers nothing !!!!

Siloking SelfLineCompact1612 Pigfood

25 July 2017
This point I my Rewritten siloKingSelfLineCompact you in 1612 for disposal
What I have changed it can now also load pig feed
planned in further versions:
direct cause BEITEN of grass hay and straw bales on the milling

Fendt Harvester Pack V1.0.0.1

25 July 2017
Changelog (Version
- Added collision to back part
- fixed header assignment