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Claas Lexion 780 Set

29 May 2017
Hier das Claas Lexion 780 Set.
Im Set befindet sich der Claas Lexion 780 sowie zwei Cornschneidwerke (Mais) und das V1200.

Claas Lexion 780 wahlweise als Rad und Bandlaufwerk
Claas Cornspeed 8
Claas Cornspeed 12-75FC
Claas Vario 1200

Mods verfügen über die sämlichen Standard-Funktionen und Features aus FS17 + weitere Sonderfunktionen
Mods sind alle Log Free!


vasilisvasilis31, SFM-Modding, ARP-Modding

Terra T4.40 multicolor Pack

28 May 2017
Hi have once again what made for you!
The pack consists of the following things:
HR9 Scheid work

lowered price
Work speed increased to 20 km / h.
New light Coronas

HR9 transport trailers

Lowered price
New light Coronas
Tires Multicolor

Terra T4.40

lowered price
New light Coronas
Color windows
New Rückwärtsfahrton
Tires Multicolor

The RAR file now extract much fun !!!!

Merlo TF42.7-140

26 May 2017
Hello! Today you can download our Merlo TF42.7-140. Have fun with the mod!
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Greetings Alpenland Modding

John Deere W330 V1.1

25 May 2017
John Deere W330 Combine Harvester.

This is John Deere's licensed version of the Sampo Rosenlew Comia C6. As such, this mod is a retexture of Giant's Comia C6.

Changelog V1.1:
-Fixed lights
-Fixed mirrors
-Adjusted prices to match real world prices

Giants, Kondziu25, RedFox, zircon383

Grimme Maxtron 620 Edit v 1.2

20 May 2017
get new color
Rim color can be changed
Charging Stand 45.000


Krone BiG X 1100 Bunker Capacity

19 May 2017
I would like to present my new achievement, the crown BigX 1100 harvester.
it was just a bunker, built with a capacity of 48,000 liters, no more and no less.
A big thank you to> black_atomkizz <for permitting!

MF 9380 Delta

16 May 2017
Here the harvester Massey Ferguson MF 9380 Delta with the cutters DynaFlex 40FT and Capello diamond HS12.
has been amended as follows:
1) choice of color
adjusted 2) reapers
3) road speed 45 km / h
4) Working speed 15 km / h
5) Tank volume 20000
6) Gloss reduced
increased 7) Unloading speed
8) Dirt-time shortened
Log error free.

New Holland Harvester Dyeable v 0.9 BETA

16 May 2017
Harvester TC 5.90 Harvester CR 10.90 Cutting 980 CF 6 Cutting 980 CF 12R Cutting VARIFEED 18 Cutting VARIFEED 41ft Cutting SUPERFLEX DRAPER 45FT
Everything is like the originals, have only added a color picker.
What I want to add is:
At the Combine Tire Selection make dyeable with harvesters and the Superflex 45FT (facing currently not like)

Giants Anpassung Speedfanger1991

Fendt Harvester Package Edit v 2.0

16 May 2017
Have the Fendt Pack revised komplet
set Fendt 9490x grain tank to 40,000 tons
Wheels changed black
added new main colors
set Fendt 6275L grain tank at 20,000 tons
Wheels changed black
added new main colors
Reapers also have new colors get in the shop ausfählbar
Mod tested and working in Sp and MP error free
Log is error free


CR1090 New Holland v 1.0

15 May 2017
Description From the New Holland CR 1090

Ps Power: 1653 ps
Cost: € 215,000
Costs Pro / day: € 760
Speed ??60 kmh
Fuell / Tank: 4300
New sounds as engine start and end and work Sound Receiving (he roars)
Filling capacity: 18500 ltr
Abbunkern 550 liters / min   
Tires and Craller (chains) Exchangeable From standard to ultra-wide !!!

Now for Capello Quasar_HS_16
Cost: € 26 000
Keep at day 100 €
Operating speed: 18 kmh
Changeable color scheme costs 800 € So as usual !!!   

Now we come to New Holland 3162_SuperFlex_Draper_45FT Cutter
Cost: € 31 000
Maintenance Per day: € 120
Operating speed: 18 kmh
No color scheme So also no additional money which you have to pay !!!
Modell:Cr1090NewHolland - Quasar_HS_16 - SuperFlex_Draper_45FT
Idee / Konzept: Spaß an der Freude grins
Tester: Ich Thunder01