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MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher

6 June 2017
After a long Time, here is my first own big Mod in the first Version! It is an MAN TGS 18.480 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher on the Back and a Ponsse Crane.

Please notice: this is not a reality Mod or something like that! I don't know if this Vehicle is exsisting in real or not. I don't care, it is more a Fun-Mod! If you don't like it, just do not download it.

What is working so far:

- Woodcrusher works withour any Problems
- Fold and Unfold Table is working
- Pipe is working
- Cranecontrol is working
- Trailers can stiill be used with the additional Hitch
- Colorpick for both Truck and Woodcrusher
- Shopgraphics included
- Controlgroups for Crane/Pipe/Support Legs
- Truck can drive without problems, but care! It is really heavy, don't drive to fast!

And the most Important: The Log is Error-Free!

What is NOT working and planned:

- Support-Legs come with next Version! This is a first Version to test it!
- Store-Description is still the Truck, it will be changed
- Pipe is unfolding to the wrong direction
- Crane does not have Drive-Locking, it is planned!

I hope you like the Mod so far. Please send me your Feedback. Like i said, it is a first Version to test it a little bit. A next Version will come the next Days!

Case Magnum 7250 v 1.17

6 June 2017
Case Magnum 7250
Functions : IC ( Opening windows and Doors )
Animated axle
Narrow, Large and Normal wheel

Model: EpicPrydaModsTexture: EpicPrydaModsScript: EpicPrydaModsIdea / Concept:EpicPrydaMods Testing: EpicPrydaModsOther: EpicPrydaMods

Bizon Z056 by RewerS

5 June 2017
- Combine is corrected and purified serious errors
- Basic script
- Choice of roofing
- Tire tracks
- Dust from tires
- lighting
- rooster
- animations
- Spreading the tank
- Capacity of 3540L
- Maximum speed of 25km / h
- A daily maintenance cost $ 660
- Acting tips

- Lowering Header
- Dumping grain tank
- log
- Spreading combine

Autor: Marcelo1942 Pavson69FS17: RewerSPomoc: CatFan18

New Holland TC 5090 Brazilian Editionr v

4 June 2017
There was a error with the right dual of the combine. Now Fixed! (Only change made).

Today I bring you a version of the New Holland TC made in Brazil.

The TC 5090 is bassicaly the same as the EU version, however with a little more power and capacity.
Has standart script.

Capacity 6400L.

Headers with 23ft and 25ft

Animations on grain tank and ladder as usual.

Single wheels and Duals option.

There will be 3 links to download.

The firts one is the combine.

The second, is a Rostelmash header with NH colors 23 ft.

The last one is a MacDon 25ft (same Massey Activa Header 25ft, just changed skin)
Have Fun!

Hemerson DentinhoChristian OhlweilerGiants

Robert FB200

2 June 2017
Fourche Robert FB160
- lock bales
- removable frame
- washable
Log Clean
Multiplayer et DediServer ready

Krone Big X 580 Tuning Edition

1 June 2017
Krone Big X 580 Tuning Edition:

            Price: 324,500 €
            Maintenance: 920 € / day
            Wheel color: selectable
            Engine: selectable
            Ejection system: +11% range
Krone Big X 580 Tuning Edition2 at work.

Krone Big X 580 Tuning Edition v

1 June 2017
Krone Big X 580 Tuning Edition:
- Price: 324,500 €
- Maintenance: 920 € / day
- Wheel color: selectable
- Engine: selectable
- Ejection system: +11% range

Barth Brothers Mod Desgin, Barthi

CaseIH 9230BR v 1.0

31 May 2017
The CaseIH 9230BR And The Case Platform 2140 Draper Header Is Not With No Error Was Concurred From 15 To 17 Is Using Its Original.

Farm Centro Oeste

Holmer Terra Felis v 1.0

31 May 2017
Holmer Terra Felis v 1.0.

Model: maciusboss1Texture: maciusboss1/BurnerIdea / Concept: Burner

Rostselmash Acros 595

29 May 2017
Power - 325 hp
Speedometer and tachometer
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable
Bunker capacity - 15000 liters

header included:
Power Stream 700 and RSM 870 Argus