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New Holland CR10.90 Combine Pack.

19 June 2017
Pack contains the New Holland CR10.90 Combine Pack and the SuperFlex Draper 45FT.
The combine content has been increased to 29.800 liters.
The New Holland CR10.90 speed increased to 40.
The SuperFlex Draper 45FT Cutter speed increased to 14 (in-game this is 13, work speed).
There are also several decals added.

Claas jaguar980 beta v2.0

18 June 2017
Claas jaguar 980 combine v2.0 beta ! 
here is my edit of the claas jaguar980 incl header . there are still some issues the header is lifting up to high, and becon lights issues. Feel free to test and give me a feedback how to fix this problems.

MB3D modeling, broncofm.

Rostselmash Vector 410

18 June 2017
Speedometer and tachometer
Opened the door
IC - Control
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable
Bunker capacity - 6000 liters
Headers suitable standards are there in the game: PowerStream700, ARGUS 870

ANDREI1994, AndreyGunko

Claas Lexion 780 with headers

17 June 2017
lightingMirrorsAnimation partsSelecting the color wheel driveThe dust and traces of wheelsDirt / WashableComplete header:660 vario, vario 750, 900 vario, vario 1050, claas Conspeed 8

New Holland TC4.90 FS 17 v1.0

16 June 2017
Manufacturer: NEW HOLLAND
Model: TC 4.90
Power: 125kW / 170HP
Fuel tank capacity: 400 l
Max. Speed: 24km / h
Additional features include: the ability to change the settings of wheels, foldable chopper
Manufacturer: NEW HOLLAND
Model: Varifeed 18ft
Width: 5.5 m
Additional features: No

Authors: GIANTS, Cynek96, Młody98, Lookee86

Bobcat TL 470

16 June 2017
Telehandler Bobcat TL 470 For FS17.
Have Fun and please respect original Link.
Chariot téléscopique Bobcat TL 470 pour FS 17.
Bon amusement et s'il vous plait respecter le lien d'origine. :)

Fendt 9490X with baler attacher v1.0

15 June 2017
This is the Fendt 9490X from Giants with baler attacher.

Giants, Brewski

Claas Jaguar 800 with Orbis 750 v 1.0

13 June 2017
Price: Jaguar 840: 215 000 €, 850: 235 000 €, 860: 255 000 €, 870: 275 000 €
Orbis 750: 32 000 €
Power: 840: 408 hp, 850: 462 hp, 860: 516 hp, 870: 585 hp
top speed: 40 km/h
daily upkeep: 980€ / day (Orbis: 20€ / day)

MB3D Modelling

Massey Ferguson MF Delta 9380

13 June 2017
Power - 496 hp
Speedometer and tachometer
Color selection
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable
Bunker capacity - 20000 liters

Includes two header:
Capello Diamant HS12
Dyna Flex 40FT


T150 Fertiliser spreader

9 June 2017
Here the T150 broadcast spreader LS17wsb ...
... the really existed!

* Vmax: 45km / h
* Capa: 7,200
* Working width: 16m
* FillTypeCategories: spreader
* IC for windows and doors

<Category> fertilizerSpreaders </ category>

* Real model:

* LOG clean

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Please use the original download link!
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