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Grimme Tectron 415

30 June 2017
Grimme Tectron 415
Harvester storage has been increased to 29.800 liters.
The Grimme Tectron 415 speed increased to 36, work speed 14 (in-game13)
There are also several decals added.

New Holland CR 6.90

30 June 2017
New Holland CR 6.90 with lots of real light, can contain 11500L in the tank ...
is made on the original scripts from the giant of Spartan086 in FS15 and konveteret of Ghost DK FS 17 with some small changes so that it runs flawlessly in the log to 17 ..
The idea Opens in key X
Start by mowing on key B
There is NOT something header with but it comes as soon as it konveteret finished and the permit is in place
Good Game Pleasure :-)

New Holland CR10.90 Multicolor v

29 June 2017
Version updates:
- Multiplayer capable
- brake somewhat strengthened (was for 59,000 liters somewhat weak on the chest)
- Tinted windows

Modell: GIANTSTextur: GIANTS/BjoernP/Hurri77/da-Hoffi/t0xic0mScript: BjoernPIdee / Konzept: BjoernPTester: BjoernPSonstige:

Akpil Bulwa 2

29 June 2017
I present to you Akpil Bulwa 2, the first digger to FS17.
-The Price: 12200 €
-Maintenance: 40 € / day
Working width: 1.6m
- Removing stalks
- Collection of potatoes
- Creating a pile of potatoes
- Movable tape, joints relay
- Animation movement of potatoes on tape
- Animations dust
Terms / Prohibitions !!!
Keep a fact that I am the author
Keep a genuine link
Creating a pile of potatoes turn on Ctrl + I
Potatoes from the field collect as by loader or tractor.
Work is underway on a special machine to harvest potatoes from the field.

Krone BiG X 1100 Bunker Capacity v 1.0

29 June 2017
Krone BiG X 1100 harverster.
bunker, built with a capacity of 48,000 liters.

Modell: GIANTS SoftwareTextur: GIANTS SoftwareScript: GIANTS Software,black_atomkizzIdee / Konzept: Target_hitTester: Target_hit

New Holland FR850

28 June 2017
New Holland FR850 for FS2017. Standard ingame forage harvester with option for front twin wheels. Also includes tinted windows and tinted exhaust. If you raise animals using a forage harvester to generate corn silage for your bunkers is the only way to go. It requires 1/3 of the effort and real estate as grass silage.


Deutz AgroStar661

26 June 2017
Deutz AgroStar661
Rundumleuchte verbaut und Motorsetups hinzugefügt!
Motorsetup 1: 103kW/140PS
Motorsetup 2: 118kW/160PS
Motorsetup 3: 132kW/180PS
Motorsetup 4: 147kW/200PS
Motorsetup 5: 162kW/220PS 


26 June 2017
Hello LS17 Community,
This is a truck for Farming Simulator 2017
Maud Ural truck Timber (forest machinery). In the Mod 2 vehicles are included 2x Ural and a pendant.
Both have the motor with 250 liters and drive both of Max. 90km / h
They each cost once ~ € 57,000 and € 33,000 once ~
the trailer Costs also again approximately 10,000 €
However, there is a problem in the first undzwar Ural for ~ 57,000 does not the gripper but I did not get fixed :( maybe there are indeed some of you can fix this :)
Nevertheless, I wish you much fun with this mod :)
Your VeqaZ :)

Lexion 780 TT, standard and wide tires

24 June 2017
Claas Lexion 780 TT, standard and wide tires .... 12 meter cutter inserted ... much changed and adapted ....

Rostselmash RSM161 Pack v1.1

23 June 2017
Power - 360 hp
Speedometer and tachometer
Two types of wheels
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable
Bunker capacity - 10500 liters
clean log

Included is:
Power Stream 900 (different from defoltnoy new side shields)
Corn harvesting corn and sunflower Argus 1270 PPK8
The trailer for harvesters TT 4000 UniCart

Giants, Shnurok