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Ropa Euro Maus 5

20 July 2017
Property me times the original Giants Holmer TerraFelis 2 made therefrom and a Ropa Euro Maus conjured 5 :)
Unfortunately, I can the logo on the steering wheel does not change: /.
Speed: 45 Km / h
Price: € 325,000 purchase price / 35,750 Rent
Engine output: 354 hp
Tank Capacity: 1225 liter
Maintenance: 1.650 € per day.
(Did it not in multiplayer tested)
Have fun with it.
Please always use the original download link. Thank you.

Don 680 M

19 July 2017
Power - 442 hp
The door opens
The dust and traces of wheels
Dirt / Washable

Included is:
Cutter Forage and pick

Shnurok, YegorDvachevsky, ANDREI1994, -=F@RMeR=-

GrimmeMaxtron620 Edit

18 July 2017
get new color
Rim color can be changed
Charging Stand 45.000

Holmer Terra Felis 2 Special Edition v 1.1

17 July 2017
Holmer Terra Felis 2 Special Edition:
- Price in the shop: 350000 EUR
- Price of the wheel color on change: 1200 EUR
- Maintenance costs per day: 1490 € per day
- Volume: 6000 l
- Can be loaded: sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, barley, corn, rape, silage, feed, dung, wood chips, sunflower, soybeans, grass, hay, straw
- Speed: 50 km/h
- Engine power: 260 kw / 354 hp
- Tank volume: 1400 l
- Rim color can be changed: general color palette

Modell: GiantsTextur: ExceptionScript: ExceptionIdee / Konzept: ExceptionTester: ExceptionSonstige: Exception

Holmerpack Lightscript

17 July 2017
This Holmerpack from giants have now reallights and looks much cooler in the dark.
Please keep the original download link for further upload ( link)

JLG 4017PS

16 July 2017
A small reskined New Holland telehandler.
Don't be surprised there are still:
-a couple of New Holland logo to see
-at closer observation you can see the New Holland inscriptions a little bit
If anyone knows how to delete the inscriptions please write it in the comments
Technical specifications:
-Performance:                  143 HP (I think)
-Price:                             50.000 €
-Maximum Travel speed:   43 km/h
Please do not upload on other websites!

Krone BiG X 1100 & Krone EasyCollect 1053

15 July 2017
Krone BiG X 1100 & Krone EasyCollect 1053

GIANTS Software

Torum 760 Edit v 1.1

14 July 2017
Russian Harvester generated in Rostov
Type: Rotor Combine Tørum 760
PS: 490 HP / 361 kW
Motor:. Manufacturer / - Cummins / QSX Engine capacity 11.9 l, assembly lines - 6-cylinder power (1,900 U / min) kW / hp 360/490, tank capacity l 850,
Tires: 680 / 85R32 front, rear 18.4R24 (3.49 m width.)
Grain tank volume: 40000 liter
scored new color


New Holland FR850 with Bunker

13 July 2017
Since the Krone BigX 580 arrived so well with bunker, yet here the New Holland FR850 with bunkers for all need some more area coverage. It has a capacity of 40,000 liters.
Like with the Krone I know also that it does not exists in reality and I also  do not care.

John Deere W260 Schwadmäher

13 July 2017
here I present you the John Deere W260 swather with matching John Deere 995 Rotary Platform (cutting) in the current version.
Mod is LOG FREE!
LS17 standard functions and features
Lighting on LS17
AO texture
Power: 260 hp
Maximum speed: 34 km / h
Header width: 2.70 m
I wish you much fun with the mod :)
MfG Jekyll