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28 July 2017
Here I have four different Heckgewichte for current Telellader:
1. Weight for Liebherr 2000 kg with clutch without color choice
2. Weight for JCB 2000kg without color choice
3. Weight for NewHolland 2000kg with color selection
4. Weight for Manitou 2000kg with color selection

Horsch Tiger 10LT Plow Conversion v 1.0

27 July 2017
Hello, This is the Horsch Tiger 10LT converted over to plow instead of cultivate.


Bredal K165

27 July 2017
Bredal K165
Original LS17 Bredal Fertiliser spreader with a few changes
Increases.) Filling
.) Spread to 40m
.) to use 30kmh stray
There are only small changes but for me the original values were a bit annoying.
I wish you much fun with the Bredal K165 and head over to my Facebook page over and clicks on a "like".

JYMPA SJ Series v1.2.0.0

27 July 2017
Jympa has developed subsoilers capable of removing the "hard layer" of the soil, thus avoiding flooding the field and making the rooting of the plant easier, getting larger and better crops under the same weather conditions.

Three Jympa:
- Jympa SJ7-9
- Jympa SJ9
- Jympa SJ11

- particle Animation
- Dirt / Washable


Lemken Juwel 8 v 0.51 BETA

27 July 2017
This is a konvert of my/giants plough from FS15 to 17.
It is a beta, issues can accure.
It is tested on dedicated server with no error or issues.

model/textur:giantsKonvert to FS17:Michaelbjerg21978

Fieldstar HogTooth 500

27 July 2017
I hate plows, no idea why.
For this reason, we have times and a alternative built, well and that's come out.
The Fieldstar Sauzahn 500
- complete self-construction, no real model.
- washable
- LED lighting
- Working width 5.1m
- Power requirement: 200+ hp
- Price: 16999 €
- Maintenance: 5 €
Is not really much to say, plowed halt and fields can be created thereby also.
Helper works and the part is free in SP / MP and on the Dedi log error.
With this mod we say goodbye for this year.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017 ^^
If problems, as always, please write in the Support.
This mod can be offered for download on every page but please only with ORIGINALLINK!
Have fun with it!

Amazone Pantera

27 July 2017
Hello dear community agriculture
Here I have for you the converted Amazone Pantera of Giants
runs entirely on standard no other script in it.
>> Amazone Pantera
>> Arbeitbeitsbreite 41m
>> PS 218
>> Max Km / h 50
>> Washable
installed >> FS17 lights
tested >> SP / MP
Have fun with it

manure bucket for Handwork (filled)

26 July 2017
You've built yourself a greenhouse but no cows could you produce manure? Then go get your manure bucket just at the local car dealer. Guaranteed warm and fresh, yummi.
By hand you can load them to your pickup and belt them (see the pickup here: ).
Note: So far can not be dumped directly into the greenhouse; simply fill it into your manure fork (hold the bottom of the bucket over it) and then tip your manure fork. (If anyone knows the right trigger, just tell me!).
Price: € 130 (high quality manure)
Capacity: 200 l (so you do not have to run too often).
Notice also the water tank (2000l)
and the liquid fertilizer canister (200l)

Light Addon v 2.0

26 July 2017
Add Support for Strobe and Daydrivelights, also reset the turnsignals

Grisu118 - Vertexdezign

Textures lights

26 July 2017
with this mod you can put your lights converted mods FS15 to FS17. you just need to find and replace lights mod by these (in any case you will have to rename files)

Unia KOS v 1.0

26 July 2017
- Animations of the earth
- Animations dust
- Spinning shaft
- Dirt
- It is washable
- Pure Blog

Spinah Lech, Teufel, FIAT80-90D
In FS15: Zombek
In FS17: Reverse

Euro pallet with belts

26 July 2017
People who handle small seed bags, manure or fertilizer buckets cans, often need a transportation option. Now there is the Euro pallets with belts for easy transport of small objects (or even an bale).
Price: 100 € (Euro pallet 50 € + High Quality belts 50 €).
Category: "pallets".
The tension belts can be mounted only by foot.

Lely Hibiscus 1515 Plus

26 July 2017
I present to you the Lely Hibiscus 1515 Plus

It is based on the Lely Hibiscus of Giants, but there is now the possibility to attach a baler on it.

Have fun with it!

PS: I know that there's still a lot to do, for example, the  shaft. However, I haven´t time now to keep working on it.
If someone declared its willingness to mend such trifles, so let me know. Otherwise, no release.