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Zuidwest Friesland Map v for Farming Simulator 2017

28 July 2017
 Zuidwest Friesland Map v for Farming Simulator 2017
Here is a new version from the map zuidwest-friesland map mod for Farming Simulator 2017.
Please note! Use a new save game.

What can you find in the map:
- Farm
- Port where you can sell straw
- two outlets for selling the crops
- Machine shop
- two storage places for the grain. a small barn on the farm with 4 boxes. a at the potatoes and sugar beet storage.
- Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens.
- At the sales point right at the machine shop you can buy and sell the animals.
- carwash without function. Place a placeable pressure washer.
- nice landscape
- Clear pda that is numbered

Map by MikeGiants, William10, Barn/Barracks: EJBFarmingBV, Strassenpaket_by_Fatian, 6mgate: Sandgroper, Windmill by: manuel,Barn: NI Modding, NKB-Modding, CompostMaster2k17: Farmer_Andy, Script: Marhu/kevink98 Fermenter: kevink98/Marhu/KastorFuttermischer_pack: kevink98/Marhu/Kastor
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