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Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

24 July 2017
Hi folks so now it is so far the Stiffi 2017's there.
Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.
The yard is larger and has new vehicles.
I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.
I will Stiffi 2017 Map expand ever further!



24 July 2017
English version below:
=Italian: salve ragazzi, in primis, buon anno, questo è il lamborghini 1r  spero vi piaccia
-Leva cambio animata
-Asse basculante
-Fumo dinamico
-Spie plancia interna
-Sedile ammortizzato
-Dirt (lavabile) 10 minuti circa perchè si spoech
=English: Hi guys, first happy Cyear to everybone, i want to present you, a my edit lamborghini 1r i hope that it likes you.

- Animated gear lever

- Floating axle

- Dynamic Smoking

- Warning lights inside panel

- Suspension seat

- Dirt (washable) 10 minutes about why you spoechi


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Nokian tyres v1.0

24 July 2017
nokian tyres by giant
inside the zip file you will find the input string in xml


Removal of trees from a starting zone

24 July 2017
Removal of trees from a starting zone.
The file just deletes trees, doesn't change your economy, the equipment, etc.
To unpack contents of archive in the folder with save game, to confirm replacement.

John Deere 650 OVR

24 July 2017
John Deere 650 OVR

John Deere auger wagon for all the green fans. Retextured version of the Horsch Titan 34UW single-axle auger wagon for FS17. Hauls the standard FS17 augerWagon crops. No known log errors.

FS15 and FS17 model by Giants.
Original FS15 John Deere textures by Reaper9111.
FS17 John Deere retexture and (minor) edit by Spanky

Lowland Map

24 July 2017
Here I present you my flatland Map available. The map is not ready 100%, are still missing many details, the village is still expanding and and and! But one can already play well in single as well as multiplayer. There currently there are only cows, sheep and pigs follow in the V2! About suggestions and recommendations I would be happy. Tear me not equal to the head from when discovered their fault I'm only human ;-) Have fun on the Flat land!

Horsch Tiger 10 LT Plough & Cultivator V1

24 July 2017
This here is the standard Horsch Tiger 10 LT cultivator plow and Grubber Funktion.
Dust Animation
Dirt / cleaning
Working width - 10.2 meters
Tractor power of 400 liters is required

GIANTS, Luis g

advertising sign

23 July 2017
This is an advertising sign for installing the GE, it may be designed to any size.

John Deere 6115M

23 July 2017
- Interactive Control
- Opening doors, rear and side windows
- Configuration: wheels (normal, broad, narrow), FL console
– Washable
– Clean log

Model: Bigfarmer145, SamN, mati7766
Texture: Bigfarmer145, SamN, mati7766
InGame: mati7766


23 July 2017
PDA,BGA,3 Villages,2 Farms,Choppedstraw,Cows,chickens,sheepsNew Culture :Oat,Rye,Spelt,triticale,millet