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Mercedes Benz

26 July 2017
Here I present a new modification edited by my XD
Mercedes-Benz G65 Multicolor 1.0
++ Is washable
++ Has lights
++ Has a footprint on the wheels
++ Is multicolor
++ Has no registry errors
If you find any error leave it in the comments
Wait for more actializations for this mod
As always, many hours of work. Have fun.

manure bucket for Handwork (filled)

26 July 2017
You've built yourself a greenhouse but no cows could you produce manure? Then go get your manure bucket just at the local car dealer. Guaranteed warm and fresh, yummi.
By hand you can load them to your pickup and belt them (see the pickup here: ).
Note: So far can not be dumped directly into the greenhouse; simply fill it into your manure fork (hold the bottom of the bucket over it) and then tip your manure fork. (If anyone knows the right trigger, just tell me!).
Price: € 130 (high quality manure)
Capacity: 200 l (so you do not have to run too often).
Notice also the water tank (2000l)
and the liquid fertilizer canister (200l)

Same Fortis

26 July 2017
Hi Com!
Today I want to introduce you to my Same Fortis series is available.
This is for those who do not want to see the green of my Deutz 6 series on the field
The small changes, in addition to adding more setups, you can even explore. But a few pictures to show you already know what to expect.
There are currently current 6-cylinder engine types to choose from, ie from 140 hp to 210 hp. As already what was to be one or the other case.
The basic model you can purchase with a whopping 138000, for the 210hp variant you must then still 47500 drauflegen addition.
Each model can raise standards, wide tires or Pflegebereifung, Aussderdem you can expand a Frontladerkonsole each model.
As you have seen in the version, it is a BETA, so constructive criticism is like any mod of me welcomes!
I told you yet "gearboxAddonConfig" packed in the zip for those who want to use the horny GearBox Mogli hire (which is here: ). In the case just the file to the modfolder.
More there is not for me to say.
Please, have fun testing, and, if time allows, comment, rate and who wants to thank! :-)

Los Grandes Terrenos 2017 Map v

26 July 2017
Version updates:
- Modified BGA due to silos bugs that were not recognized by the game. The silo number 5 has been moved and expanded to a size of 5x. Increased capacity of liquid manure tank
- Created door in the BGA that communicates with the area of the cows and sheep.
- Replaced sliding barriers by double bar barriers.

Lobezno y Libre

Schluter 1500 TVL v 0.9

26 July 2017
Here present MRM Modding in cooperation with the ARAMIS Schlüter 1500 TVL.
The Schlüter completely renovated and equipped with the standard features.


Light Addon v 2.0

26 July 2017
Add Support for Strobe and Daydrivelights, also reset the turnsignals

Grisu118 - Vertexdezign

Forgotten Plants - Wheat / Barley v 1.0

26 July 2017
Changelog 31.10.2016 v1.0
- New textures for all phases
- Distance textures are color-adjusted

Originale: GIANTS Software GmbhTextur: EribusIdee / Konzept: Eribus

Alfold Map

26 July 2017
Alfold Map v2.1 FS17Autorzy: PaprikaJancsi, Ball, Nedi (old Farok) on the map, there are many different size pole. A household divided PART AND PART Breeding uprawow?.Autorzy: PaprikaJancsi, Ball, Nedi (old Farok)

Textures lights

26 July 2017
with this mod you can put your lights converted mods FS15 to FS17. you just need to find and replace lights mod by these (in any case you will have to rename files)

Unia KOS v 1.0

26 July 2017
- Animations of the earth
- Animations dust
- Spinning shaft
- Dirt
- It is washable
- Pure Blog

Spinah Lech, Teufel, FIAT80-90D
In FS15: Zombek
In FS17: Reverse