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3 Novalty Carpet Set-Cupcake-BaaBaaSheep-CoffeeDrops

28 July 2017
This set of carpet is perfect for your children or your business, either way, these 3 are super cute! These are my patterns that I've done over at and have turned these into carpet. The Cupcake carpet can be used for your bakery business, so can the Coffee Drops, and of course we all need to count sheep before we sleep! These can be found in Build mode under flooring then carpet and it's the same price as EA's original carpet-$4.
There are 4 files to download, each for personal reference or download the whole set! The choice is yours!

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Adobe Photoshop CS2

Patterns Used:!_1!


Sims Medieval to Sims 4 Conversion - Short Curly

28 July 2017
I converted Sims Medieval Hair to Sims 4. It fits the Sims 4 game style. It is for male and female Sims from Teen to Elder. All EA colors + strawberry blonde. Hat compatible, color binned.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for TS4 CAS Tools
The Sims 4 Studio

10 Fantastic Artworks and Where to Find Them

28 July 2017
From another time and another country, get the look and feel of the American Magical World with these 10 artworks directly from the great episode of the Obscurus in New York City in 1926 !

American wizards were also under the spell of the speakeasy movement even if they were even more hidden than any clandestine bar in the whole country !

These artworks are beautiful for any lover of Alfons Mucha

Lattice Door and Arch

28 July 2017
This is a conversion of the Lattice door and arch from the Sims 3.

Both comes in 3 colours (see attached image)

Both are found under the door category of the build mode at the following costs
Door-500 Simoleons
Arch-300 Simoleons

Hope you all like them and happy Simming

Polygon Counts:
High Poly-2258
Medium Poly-680
Low Poly-44

High Poly-1326
Medium poly-410
Low Poly-213

Additional Credits:
Ea for TS3,TSRW,Milkshape,,Photoshop

Metal Table 2

28 July 2017
The two-tile metal table from this upload with lino and wood finishes instead of glass.

The zip contains three separate packages:

Simplicity: Wood finish from the Maxis

UPDATE [Default] Shining manga eyes

28 July 2017
I've solved the issue where it wasn't possible to chose an eye color, should work now Please download the new file ^w^
(But I don't know how it will work with aliens, because I don't have the new add-on and they have different eyes >.<)

General information
These are my first (oh well... third I guess... but I haven't uploaded the first ones anywhere xD) self-made default eyes!
I hope they hit the taste of some people ^3^
Maybe some day I'll do a Non-Default version too but I can't promise... because actually I've made these for myself and uploaded them for people who would like to use them too ^3^
Also I changed the swatch(? Not sure if thats the correct word..) color of the eyes, where you choose them, but only a little bit, so that they fit a bit more the color of the eye...
Here is how they look like in game:

And here's a picture how all the eyes are looking in CAS:

At last here is one picture of how the eyes are looking on a Sim in CAS and one of how they actually look like in game (these two are not the same Sim and the eye color is not the same too The one in CAS should be green and the one in game I think was hazelgreen ^3^):

- I've made them under patch so I don't know if they would work with earlier patches (or later ones, but I guess later ones shouldn't be a problem... not sure about it u.u)
- They are default eyes, so they overwrite the original ones and also you can't use them together with other default replacement eyes

CC used
I used the facemask from S-Club for the guy in CAS, you can download it here

I'm sorry for possible bad spelling or grammar, English isn't my native language but I hope it's still all understandable enough >.<

Additional Credits:
- S4pe
- CASRecolor

More Chambray!

28 July 2017
Are your basic sims just not basic enough? Don't worry! These chambray shirts are just what you need.

Included are 9 recolours of the blue chambray shirt from Get Together, in such colours as bleached, dark, acid wash, distressed, and polkadot.
These DO REQUIRE the Get Together expansion!

Additional Credits:
made with Sims4Studio -

Two-Tone Dress with Polka Dots

28 July 2017
Polka dotted versions of my previously uploaded two toned dresses. Includes all 72 variations in both black and white polka dotted versions. Plus, an additional package with black or white polka dots on the solid colour dress. This equals 180 total variations split between three packages. You can choose to download them all at once or pick and choose which colours you wish (blk polka dotted skirt, wht polka dotted skirt, or just the solids). This dress does not replace the EA dress and is for the teen-elder age groups. It can be found in the Everyday, Formal, and Party categories.

Nine skirt/top colours:
1. Black
2. Cream
3. Beige
4. Dark Grey
5. Red
6. Blue
7. Purple
8. Green
9. Yellow

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop, Sims 4 Studio

Colonial Door

27 July 2017
Here are two set of colonial doors to go with the colonial windows. The main colonial door is converted from the Sims 2 and made bigger to go well with the windows.

The second is a modification of the main door to compliment it

Both like the colonial windows comes in four default colors

Found in Door category of the build mode, at the cost of 1000 simleons each

Thanks for stopping by and happy

Polygon Counts:
Colonial Door 2x1_V1-620 poly
Colonial Door 2x1-1542 poly

Additional Credits:
Ea for the mesh, TRSW, Milkshape,Paint,net and photoshop

Wolve Tattoo

27 July 2017
So this is my first Tatto ever.
You can find it under the wing tattoo.

Lace Flower

27 July 2017
When I saw this dress, I thought "This dress is so beautiful", and I hope you like it!

Good Download!

Additional Credits:
Hair -

Shoes -

Program -
Sims 4 Studio

Rivendell mosaic roof tiles. 5 colors, 2 patterns.

27 July 2017
Don't you think that ordinary plain roofs are just a bit boring sometimes? Time for something new!

Mosaic tiled roofs have been used historically- the Stephansdom in Vienna and the Hospices de Beaune in France are famous examples. But I was more inspired by the movie sets of Rivendell in Lord of the Rings.
So, credit to John Howe, Alan Lee and the folks at Weta.

I kept the colors natural and muted, so these can be used in a wide range of builds. Hope you like them!

These cost nothing, and come in 5 color combinations, and 2 combinable patterns (zig-zags and lozenges)

Additional Credits:
Made with sims4studio, and Photoshop Elements 12