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Catherine Neff

25 July 2017
Catherine Neff is a neat Computer Whiz! She is also very cheerful and outgoing! Catherine or as her friends would say "Cathy" is single and ready to mingle! She can't wait to find the one and have some Kids
This is my first MTS upload and I hope to do many more

To use Catherine Neff in-game Please unzip the files and empty the contents into the tray folder!

Mercury Dining Chair

25 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
- Mercury Winter Garden - Dining Chair

- Wondymoon|TSR - Creations'2016
Creator Notes
Please do NOT re-upload, modify or clone...
Credits: TSRW

Bachelorette Pad - NO CC

25 July 2017
I've decided to create what my future house would look like. ^_^ hehehe.This was made for the 30 Day Sims Challenge: Day 19: Bachelorette Pad

This house includes:
1 Floor
- Living Room
- Study Room
- Home Gym
- Bathroom
- Kitchen and Dining
- Bedroom
+Walk-in closet

No custom content used
Base game - no packs

See this house and more downloads at
Happy Simming! :-)

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): $142,892
Lot Price (unfurnished): NA

Modern Neutrality

25 July 2017
This modern and warm single story home features an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a basement theater.

In addition it has a gym room and a nice outdoor area with a pool for entertaining your Sims. Enjoy.



Bayside Furniture Set: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....-items-for.html

Wood You Love My Kitchen:

Colour Me Yellow Modern Rugs: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....odern-rugs.html

Colour Me Cyan Modern Rugs: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....odern-rugs.html

Colour Me Red Modern Rugs: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....odern-rugs.html

Colour Me Cream Modern Rugs: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....odern-rugs.html

Colour Me Black Modern Rugs: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....odern-rugs.html

Classic Walls For TS4 - Solid Colours:

Classic Wall Set - Grasscloth 02: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....sscloth-02.html

Classic Wall Set - Grasscloth 01: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....sscloth-01.html

Painted Brick 04: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....floor-dump.html

Birch You! - Set of Birch Paintings: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....-paintings.html

Squarely Triptych Landscape Paintings: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....-paintings.html

Bird Watcher's Fantasy Watercolour Paintings: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....atercolour.html

The World Through a Peephole Paintings: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....-paintings.html

A Feather For Luck - Watercolour Paintings: http://simsationaldesigns.blogspot....-paintings.html


Glass door by HelleN:

Double glass doors bu HelleN:

Window large recolor by HelleN:


Flora Fountain waterfall:

Simcredible Liscia Kitchen:

Simcredible Empire living room:
(Stool, Fireplace)

Simcredibledesigns Mantis Bathroom:
(Toilet, Tub, Sink)

Simcredibledesigns Gaudium Bathroom:

Simcredibledesigns Body Language
(2 racks, Step, Posters, Weights)


Kitchen Alobi - Fridge:

ShinoKCR Kitchen Clutter:

Pot Ceiling Lamp Set:

Wall Concrete & Panels Cream, Chocolate & Coffee:

Fashion Lighting Set:

Outdoor Croco:

Bobur Curtain First Light:

Stone Walls by Pralinesims:

Seven Lamp Set:

Build/Buy Unlock Cheat:


Blue Glass Fence:

BlandCo Overhaul:

Ultra Glass Fence Set:

Fresh Loaf Carpet Set:

7 Fabric Walls Tissea 721 Volume 2 (Updated):


Movie Theater Double Seat:

White Piano:

Veranka Spectrum Dining:

Veranka IKEA KARLSTAD Seating:

SV Chalet Living Beam Recolors:

lindseyxsims 200 Followers Gift Part 1:

Spring Flowers:

Glass Candles:

Tiles Walls - Tratto:

KOLLAA Living room:

ATS IKEA-like Expedit/Kallax Bookcase:

Blocs, colonnes et murs en noir et blanc:

Plants conversion by Faye:

Northern Lights:

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 336038

Friends JCh Lounge Chair

25 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
Remember the TV series Friends? Now your sims can visit the apartment of Joey and Chandler and recreate the environment at home. 17 objects made specifically for the amazing lot. Conversion from my set for Sims 3. Three recolours.
Credits: By Li.Ko

Woltex chair desk

25 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
Woltex chair desk

Manhattan Apartments

25 July 2017
By Pralinesims
Creator Notes
You need these packs:

Get to Work

Game Packs:
Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day

Stuff Packs:
Perfect Patio Stuff
Luxury Party Stuff
Cool Kitchen Stuff


*Your game must be fully updated and patched up*


Modern Twist Ceiling Lamp Mesh

25 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
Modern Twist Ceiling Lamp Mesh by DOT of The Sims Resource

Vest with Shirt and Tie Outfit for Males

25 July 2017
Well, this is my very first mesh. It's a combination of 2 EA meshes I wanted to do since the game launched, and now thanks to the awesome Sims4 Studio tool I was able to complete it. It's aVest with a shirt and tie outfit. At this time, there is only one texture available, after all the work on the mesh I didn't wanted to do another textures, but I'm planning to do additional textures soon.

EDIT: More recolors available here

► Standalone item with a new mesh
► Clothing Top
► Compatible with Basegame
► Available for male teens, young adults, adults and elders
► You can find it under clothing/ Tops . It's on everyday, formal and party categories.
► Not enabled for randoms
► Highest level poly count: 3403

To install, just open the .rar file, and drag the .package file to your mods folder. Easy.

Please do not upload this mesh to any other sites or include it in your uploads, or claim it as your own or other artist's. Recolors are welcome (in fact, right now I only have 1 texture) but do not include the mesh, just link it here.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
► To the entire Sims 4 Studio Staff ( for doing this wonderful tool and their tutorials, without them I wouldn't able to complete it. I want to thank untraditionalnerd for his frankenmeshing tutorial hosted there.
► orangemittens for her advice.
► EA for making the original two meshes I combined.


24 July 2017
I hope you like it. -

This house has very modern and elegant lines. Convenient, flashy, Four sim can live in this house, and has two bedrooms and three bathrooms.
Creator Notes
Please do not re-upload and modify.
Credits: TSRAA