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Pearl Eyes (Non - Default)

27 July 2017
A new set of eyes with 7 colors available for your sim. The eyes can be found in the eyes section in CAS and are available for both genders and all ages. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Hair by Anto
Eyelashes by Kijiko

Separated Track Suit Jacket

27 July 2017
This is the jacket from the base game track suit made wearable as a top, in all of the original plus five additional colour variants. The logo is removed on most variants, otherwise the texture is identical with the track suit.

Just like with the original tracksuit, some of the long hairs will clip into or through the collar in front. I like the collar though, so I didn

Autumn Leaves Terrain Paint

27 July 2017
Give your sims a bit of autumn
I think this texture may be useful for art makers.

Additional Credits:
Snaift for the tutorial

Medieval Dress for Girls

27 July 2017
I have received several requests to make medieval clothes for children, so I decided to do this dress, I hope you like!
It is available in casual, formal and party 10 options.
Please leave a comment!

Custom Content in Model:

Innocent Eyes
Skin Tones Glow Edition by Kijiko
3D Lashes for Kids
Romantic hair for girls
Braiding hair for girls
Buns low for girls
French braid over shoulder for girls

Polygon Counts:
4076 polygons

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for TS4 Mesh Tools
Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Ecos House NO CC

27 July 2017

[ Sun Bite ] - Blush

27 July 2017
A simple and gentle blush with slight shine.
For females, teen +.
With custom thumb nails.
Creator Notes
For best look, use with Alf-Si HQ Mod.

Modern "Square Dots" Carpet

27 July 2017

KF Tat Pack - Angels

27 July 2017
A small pack of custom non-default tattoos.
This is pack #23 and contains 5 different angelic tattoos for male and female sims.
All tattoos are colored to match the maxis tattoos for consistency.
Simply unzip the file into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
Enjoy! :D

14 Retro Wall Clocks

27 July 2017
A collection of 14 colorful retro wall clocks which will give your space a sense of a past time.

This set is the second of a series of Wall Clocks. See the previous set of 14 vintage wall clocks here . All sets will eventually be uploaded in one package.

Type | Wall Clocks
Location | Buy Mode
Category | Electronics / Misc
Value | 1,500$
Swatches | 14
Size | 1 tile

Polygon Counts:
High | 232/162
Low | 176/126

Additional Credits:
Created with Sims 4 Studio - many thanks to the people who created and support S4S

UPDATED: More Drinks For Kids

27 July 2017
Hi guys,

UPDATED FOR CITY LIVING! Enjoy! --- Not all of them needed updating, so check the upload dates for the ones you need to re-download. I also removed the Cream Cola and Rootbeer Float ones, because EA finally made those available for kids! YAY!

I thought the kids could use more drink options, so I made some more available for them to order, drink and get the buff benefits from. As far as I know this will only work with "Dine Out", not sure if the drinks are still "drinkable" without.
Kids can drink drinks made at the bar too, they just need an adult to make or order it for them

The base game teas are my own updated version and are similar to and inspired by "Tea for Children" by Plasticbox and will work with the tea maker as well. The grab interaction is the "food swipe" for both adults and kids though. I haven't figured out how to separate the animations so the adults will still "pour" their tea. It doesn't bother me though, not sure if anyone wants a version where the kids ability to grab is removed so the adults can pour their drink?
Until Plasticbox comes back and wants to update, I hope you like this inferior version :P

Drinks can be downloaded as separates or all in one package.

New available options are:

- Fizzy Fruity Drink (Spa Day)
- Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea (Spa Day)
- Pitch Black Tea (For fear of being sued, restaurants do not offer this for kids 'cause it contains caffeine, buuut, kids can still sneak a cup from the tea pot at home, shhhh).
- Healthy Green Tea
- Run Oolong Tea
- Calming Chamomile Tea
- Earl Grey, Hot Tea
- Steamy Ginseng Tea (The adults still get the flirty moodlet, but kids get a playful moodlet)
- Protein Shake
- Amygdelight
- Space Energy Drink

Enjoy you drinks!


Additional Credits:
- Special thanks to Icemunmun for pointing me to where the drinks can be made available in the menu
- And thanks to Plasticbox for the tea inspiration
- Made with S4PE