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~*Eclipse [Male Earring Set 01]*~ for Sims 4

26 March 2017
~*Eclipse [Male Earring Set 01]*~
 for Sims 4

The above banner is Photoshopped. Not In-game.


This is an earring set containing 3 new earring types for male sims ages teen to elder.


Package Information:

All Packages:
-Can be found in the EARRING section of CAS.
-Flagged off of "Valid for Random". No NPCs will spawn wearing the earrings.
-Brand New Speculars.
-Contain custom Thumbnails

[Hanging Cross Hoops]:
-Contains new speculars
-Contains 3 standard Colors (Gold, Black, Silver)

[Flat Pattern Hoops]:
-Contains new speculars
-Contains 4 different patterns in black+Silver
-Custom Swatches

[Image Studs]:
-Contains 3 different patterns in black+Silver
-Custom Swatches

--The Cross Hoops also come in left or right side only.



In-Game Preview:


Download Instructions:

Just make sure the Mod files are put into your Mods folder!


Model Preview Credits:

Male Sim Hair: Male Bob Hair by Kijiko
Eyeshadow: Theta Titanium Male Eyeshadow by Astraea Nevermore
Brick Wall: Grim dirty bricks by malysz9999

**Eye textures and face texture are by me and are part of the DA2 Sims Projects I am working on. More information on my Tumblr.**
-Other textures by Maxis.


Special Thanks:

To Cmar for all the amazing work done on TS4 CAS/Mesh Tools! <3


UPDATE: 4/30/2015: Female Version

--Added a dual gender version of the earrings. If you want the earrings to be available for women as well, download the "Dual Gender" files only. If you already have the "Male only" files installed, just replace those files with the files in the dual gender .rar.


If you create any recolour you want to share, please do not re-upload my mesh on any other websites. Please link back to the original mesh file here. Thank you!

Polygon Counts:
Cross Hoops:
--1246 polygons

Cross Hoops left or right only:
--623 polygons

Flat Pattern Hoops:
--352 polygons

Image Studs:
--116 polygons


Eclipse Sims 4 on tumblr
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