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Metallic hand Tattoo

4 July 2017
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Blessings Studded Cross Necklace

3 July 2017
Standalone. 4 swatches. New mesh by me

SPRampage Metal Mania Leggings

3 July 2017
Just like the real leggings, only not really!

Warning: Do not stray too close to magnets.

Sims 4 Studio
Makeup by Pralinesims, Pinkzombiecupcakes, S-Club, and Screaming Mustard
Shoes by Sentate

I am unsure who created the poses but the ones I use are by IMHO, MsBlue, MartyP, Andrew, RandomChick32, and FlowerChamber

If I've forgotten anyone, you have my apology; I have many poses installed and it's hard to remember who made what.

Bonsai Bucket Bag

3 July 2017
- 5 swatches

- 2 positions

- Category: 'Rings'

- Do not use with hats.

- Accessory glasses can be found in 'Glasses'

** New mesh by me.

** Recolor is NOT allowed.

** Make sure your game is up to date to find it in game.
Creator Notes
Dress by Sentate

NataliS_Metal Bar Pendant Link Necklace

3 July 2017
Metal bar pendant link necklace.
4 colors.
Not compatible with fit morph.
Credits: S4CASTools, Sims4Studio

Lacy stockings

2 July 2017
Lacy stockings;New Item in CAS.20 colors in one file.
put package file to - My Documents-EA -Sims 4-Mods

DAFT PUNK gloves

1 July 2017
!!!IMPORTANT : You need GET TO WORK ,expansion otherwise it won't work properly !!

metallic gloves in 3 designs

Hope You like it ^^
Creator Notes
Male :

-hair by Ade_Darma -ade marco (my recolor)


-hair by HA2D (hal) (my recolor)

Mini Earrings

1 July 2017
Earrings for male and female.

S-Club WM ts4 Daisy Headwear

1 July 2017
Daisy Headwear for girls, 4 colors inside, you can find it in categories HATS.
Hope you like, thank you:3

Haskell Glasses

1 July 2017
With a keyhole bridge, rounded frames, and a variety of colors, the Haskell frames will leave your Sims looking smart!
Creator Notes
Based on the Haskell frames by Warby Parker. Enjoy!