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NataliS_Crystal flower ear cuff clip-on

8 July 2017
Crystal flower ear cuff clip-on.
On the left ear.
6 colors.
Credits: IMHO(poses),S4CASTools, Sims4Studio

Cyber Goggles

8 July 2017
** Cyber Goggles **

I have made for you 16 cyber/rave goggle recolors. For all your industrial Sim life needs! These can be found under M/F Earrings. Some hairs will not go well with this item, they get covered or you can see clipping of the strap behind the head. Most thick hairs hide the strap in a normal way, such as the thick straight hair shown in the default image.

Thanks to Esmeralda here at MTS for their conversion of the Sims 2 rave goggles for TS4. I do not take credit for this mesh only the recolor.

If you would like any other colors feel free to message me the HTML color code and I will add them in the download.

This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

Thanks for downloading! Please remember to give 'Thanks', I do appreciate it!

.::Item found in::.
Create A Sim > Earrings

.::Available for::.
Males, Teen-Elder
Females, Teen-Elder

.::Download Rules::.

Do not re-upload
Do not claim as your own
No pay sites
Recolors NOT allowed
Do not alter without my permission.

.::Special Thanks To::.
I want to give a special thanks to Esmeralda for creating this amazing mesh! As well as allowing me to recolor them and submit them here to share with all of you!

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Esmeralda @ MTS
Photoshop CS6

Medieval executioner mask hat Unisex

7 July 2017
Hello. I have finished this CAS item for your medieval sims, an executioner mask. Your evil sims may enjoy this!!

I made the required changes. The mask not look like KKK hood.

It works for all genders and from teen to elder sims.

Its located at the hat category in CAS

It cames in three colors black, red and white.

I make this as a prelude for my medieval torture chamber items.

Any coments are highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:

500 faces 294 vertex

Additional Credits:
MTS, Sims 4 Studio "jackpot"

AL - RETEXTURE uktrash_HighTubeSocks

7 July 2017
Retexture from uktrash HighTubeSocks
Thank you for your downloading ! ( Sorry for my bad English because I'm French ! )

Knee Socks Muzzle

6 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
Socks for women, 5 coloring options installed independently.
Creator Notes
Thank you very much the creators whose work I use. Pose: Delise, Imho, Ms Blue, Inna_Lisa, MartyP Hair: Sintiklia, Nightcrawler, Alesso, Skysims, Stealthic __ S-Club, Screaming Mustard, Pralinesims, Natali's, Leah Lillith, MJ95, Kijiko
Credits: pose: Imho

Matte Square Nails N07

6 July 2017
Matte square shaped nails for your ladies, 40 solid colors + 10 double colored designs.

TV Head!

6 July 2017
EDIT: Hey my old blog was compromised ([email protected]/* */) so i can now be found at [email protected]/* */

Heya! I've been dabbling in sims 4 mods and decided to upload the first mesh i made for it! Its a tv head!

It's unisex, for all outfits and is for teen through elder. You can find it in the earring section!

There's a glitch where if you're also wearing something in the glasses slot, it will distort the tv texture. So make sure nothing is equipped there (you wouldn't be able to see it anyway!)

This mesh is by me. Do not reupload. Editing is allowed as long as it is for personal use. Only to be found here on modthesims. someone stole my tumblr url so i dont have a tumblr anymore

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
sims 4 studio

Witcher Signs Tattoos

5 July 2017
3 colors: red,white,black
tattoos in 4 different places: hand,back,arm,chest

Credits: Kijiko(hair)

Piercing Set N01

5 July 2017
Piercings for your sims, they come in 10 colors and work for all genders. The shape of the ears may need to be adjusted to fit the piercings, but it should be no problem as they look good with many earshapes.

toksik - Shimmy Headband

5 July 2017
- 2 versions

- Under Hats

- 5 colours

Creator Notes
Hair by Anto and Darko
Dresses by Starlord and BEO Creations
Pose by Kim