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Sternum mandala tattoo

12 July 2017
Mandala sternum/stomach tattoo
2 sizes, small and large
Please do not re-upload or claim as your own
Credits: trillyke, nightcrawler, simpliciaty, sims2fanbg

Set Tattoo Wings

12 July 2017
- 21 Tattoo

- For Female

Lace Choker

12 July 2017
4 swatches
mesh by me
Creator Notes
CC Used:

Hair - Nightcrawler
Hairline - Mimilky
Lashes - Kijiko
Eyes - Sintiklia
Brows - Alf-si
Dress - Madlen
Skin - me
Lipstick - MYOBI

Superman Logo Caps

12 July 2017
As a big Superman Fan I have recreated Superman Logo Caps in four styles.The Caps are available as a new item in 4 variations. Works for both gender, teen to elder.

On the first cap in the classic red/blue colors is emblazoned the oiginal Logo from the 80s/90s.

On the second cap in the classic red/blue colors is emblazoned the vintage logo from the 30s/40s. The third cap in black is shows the classic 80s/90s logo in white/silver.

The fourth cap in girly pink is emblazoned the classic logo from 80s/90s in a variation of pink colors.

Additional Credits:
Created using Sims 4 Studio

Butterfly Tattoo Dreacia

12 July 2017
Creator Notes
Bikini :

S-Club LL ts4 necklace N12

11 July 2017
The new necklace, Flowers accessories~ fairy tale style XD~hope you enjoy with them :3
You can find in necklace
leave your comments~plz

Stardust Necklace

11 July 2017
Necklace for girls in 9 colors

Versatile Star Wars Hats

11 July 2017
Versatile Star Wars Hats

These are non-default clones of the new Star Wars hats.

The Vader and Luke helmets have been made available for women, and the Leia hair available for men.

The Luke helmet and Leia hair can be found under Hats - Brimless.
The Vader helmet can be found under Hats - Brimmed.

NOTE - These require the latest patch as of 10/01/2014 (Version 1.0.732.20)

Eliavah ~ Antivan Nosechain

11 July 2017
15 variations
available for Female and Male, and teen through elder
under Earrings category and takes up the Earrings texture space
enjoy :D
Creator Notes
Thanks to toksik for the amazing outfit, and necklace

S-Club WM thesims4 3D Blushing cartoon

11 July 2017
It was a longlong time that I want to make a blush like this :D, hope you like. 5 styles inside, for girls. Cartoon look.
You can find it in categories . Blush.
The original of mesh comes from accesoire : rings, so the texture maybe influe the ring's texture.