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Ear-Teardrop-Pearl-Earring Set-in 12colours

14 July 2017
Here's another earring set for females, the teardrop pearl earring set in 12 colours to choose from. This set is a recolour only and can be found in CAS, under accessories, earrings and they are added to EA's original mesh in CAS, you'll see the spanner icon when you search in CAS.


Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
EA's mesh

NataliS_Winged double ring

14 July 2017
Original double ring on the middle finger of his left hand.
Smooth, radiant gloss metal forms the silhouette of the wing in flight.
5 colors.
Credits: S4CASTools, Sims4Studio

Winter Beanie

13 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
Knitted Winter Beanie in 3 designs and 2 colors (Needs: GET TO WORK)

Everyday, Retail Uniform, Formal, Situation, Party
Found in hats as a recolor from the Beanie (Dev Logo Swatch)

Thanks for CC in Screenshot

Hairstyle by Butterfly Sims
Eyebrows by S-Club
Eyeshadow by Praline Sims
Eyelashes by Praline Sims
Nails by NaTaLiS
Lipstick by Me
Creator Notes
- You may use/share my creations in your screenshots with credits.

- If it's allowed to recolor one of my creations, but always link back to the original file.

- Do NOT re-upload or hotlink my creations!

- Do NOT modify my creations and/or claim them as your own
Credits: S4Studio

Back Mandala Inspired Tattoos

13 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
3 different swatches.
For females.
Tattoos match all skintones.

Harvest Moon Caps

13 July 2017
The farming, fishing and collecting system of The Sims 4 reminded me of how much I love Harvest Moon games. As a consequence I wanted to recreate the entire experience ingame, and that means: Harvest Moon inspired custom content!

So here I present you three recolours of the baseball caps found ingame. There's the backwards cap used by the protagonist in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, only available for male sims (Teen to Elder); and two regular caps used by Blue and Gray in the franchise, available for both males and females (Teen to Elder). They all have filters for every category, so you don't need to worry about disabling the filters.

Additional Credits:
Created using Sims 4 Studio, Color Magic, and S4PE.

ANTI Crown Tattoo

13 July 2017
Tattoo inspired by Rihanna.
teen to elder
1 color
female only
Creator Notes
Base Game
Credits: PokerSims

Plume necklace

13 July 2017
10 swatches
mesh by me

NataliS_Bridal crystal necklace

13 July 2017
Gentle bridal necklace.
A single strand of shimmering crystals of different sizes.
4 natural shades.
Credits: S4CASTools, Sims4Studio

Enigma Rings

12 July 2017
Rings for male sims in 10 colors. They come for the left, right or both sides.

Valentine Ear Studs

12 July 2017
Cute ear studs in 20 colors, all genders.