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More Chambray!

28 July 2017
Are your basic sims just not basic enough? Don't worry! These chambray shirts are just what you need.

Included are 9 recolours of the blue chambray shirt from Get Together, in such colours as bleached, dark, acid wash, distressed, and polkadot.
These DO REQUIRE the Get Together expansion!

Additional Credits:
made with Sims4Studio -

Two-Tone Dress with Polka Dots

28 July 2017
Polka dotted versions of my previously uploaded two toned dresses. Includes all 72 variations in both black and white polka dotted versions. Plus, an additional package with black or white polka dots on the solid colour dress. This equals 180 total variations split between three packages. You can choose to download them all at once or pick and choose which colours you wish (blk polka dotted skirt, wht polka dotted skirt, or just the solids). This dress does not replace the EA dress and is for the teen-elder age groups. It can be found in the Everyday, Formal, and Party categories.

Nine skirt/top colours:
1. Black
2. Cream
3. Beige
4. Dark Grey
5. Red
6. Blue
7. Purple
8. Green
9. Yellow

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop, Sims 4 Studio

Lace Flower

27 July 2017
When I saw this dress, I thought "This dress is so beautiful", and I hope you like it!

Good Download!

Additional Credits:
Hair -

Shoes -

Program -
Sims 4 Studio

Separated Track Suit Jacket

27 July 2017
This is the jacket from the base game track suit made wearable as a top, in all of the original plus five additional colour variants. The logo is removed on most variants, otherwise the texture is identical with the track suit.

Just like with the original tracksuit, some of the long hairs will clip into or through the collar in front. I like the collar though, so I didn

Medieval Dress for Girls

27 July 2017
I have received several requests to make medieval clothes for children, so I decided to do this dress, I hope you like!
It is available in casual, formal and party 10 options.
Please leave a comment!

Custom Content in Model:

Innocent Eyes
Skin Tones Glow Edition by Kijiko
3D Lashes for Kids
Romantic hair for girls
Braiding hair for girls
Buns low for girls
French braid over shoulder for girls

Polygon Counts:
4076 polygons

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for TS4 Mesh Tools
Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

RT Funhaus T-Shirts for Girls (base game recolour)

27 July 2017
Funhaus shirts for your female sims! My best friend wanted some Rooster Teeth/Funhaus merch for her sim and they turned out pretty well so I decided to post them here, too. This is the Funhaus set that I've completed for her so far, and includes all 5 shirts currently available.

This is a base game recolour, of the basic graphic t-shirt for teens-elders. It has it's own CAS thumbnail and swatches right from the RT store for ease of choice. It can be found under tops, right next to the original (unless of course you have other custom t-shirt CC but it will be around there).

Hope you like these!

If you wanna purchase the real deal from the RT store:
-Demo Disk
-House Funhaus
-Sex Swing
-Funhaus Logo
-Dude Soup

Created using TSR Workshop and Photoshop CC, all credit for the actual designs of course goes to Rooster Teeth!

Additional Credits:

Top sans Skirt

26 July 2017
With the Get Together expansion pack came two full body-outfits consisting of a top and a skirt. One of them (the one that Mila Munch wears) has a really beautiful top, but I find the skirt a tad matronly, so I simply decided to split it into a top. The top can be found under adult/female/upper body/everyday.

It comes in all the original nine colours, but I've changed the belt colour on five of them, because I didn't like the original colours. The changed belts are on the cream, blue, red, turqouise and green tops. All the tops can be seen in the pictures above.

Please note that while the shirt looks good on the heavier model, I did not max out the "fattening" slider, while it starts clipping above my model's size.

I know I've been harping on about "Get Together", but since it's a new mesh (or torn apart mesh with the bottom of another EA-shirt) it should work regardless of which expansions you have installed.

As the last thing I write, I want to thank the team over at Sims4Studio for their excellent meshing tutorials, without which I couldn't have created anything.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:

Unlocked Alien parts

26 July 2017
I don't know about you, but half the fun of playing an Alien Sim for me is having them LOOK like an alien. The disguises in Get To Work are a clever idea, but they're just too... I don't know, good. I wanted to play an Alien who did a terrible job at blending in. Something like in Invader Zim, where you KNOW he's an alien, but the general population is just too clueless to realize it.

So, I made this mod to let me do that.

The Nitty Gritty:

This mod unlocks the Alien outfits and Alien eyes for human males, females and children. Perfect for your Alien Sims who just aren't that great at blending in!
Outfits are found in CAS, in the full body section. Eyes are found in the Eye section.

The Outfits are standalone, but be warned that I couldn't get the eyes to work as standalones for some reason. Because of this, the eyes are default replacements.

All the items are separate. If you only want the female outfits, or only one particular eye type, you're welcome to install only that particular item. Pick and choose what you like, or just plop everything into your Mods folder!

Known Bugs:

Eyes currently don't appear to work for children. I have no idea why, as they ARE enabled for kids. If anyone can offer a fix, I'd really appreciate it.


None, that I know of.


This mod requires Get To Work. For obvious reasons.

To Do:

I'd really, really, really like to unlock the Alien ears for human Sims. For now, The Sims 4 Studio doesn't appear to have that functionality. If and when that changes in the future, I'll be updating my mod accordingly.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio:

UyTheo GTW Shirt Recolor Pack

26 July 2017
A shirt recolor of the child shirt of a wolf with glasses.Requires GTW.I didnt see any of these colors really so i made them.
eyes:here on MTS
made with:The Sims 4 Studio

Lego Space T-Shirt for females

25 July 2017
This shirt is a lego classic space shirt. the logo on it is the same logo as was on the space sets from the 80's. it was also on the SPACESHIP SPACESHIP SPACESHIP from the lego movie. im already running out of stuff to put here.

Vest with Shirt and Tie Outfit for Males

25 July 2017
Well, this is my very first mesh. It's a combination of 2 EA meshes I wanted to do since the game launched, and now thanks to the awesome Sims4 Studio tool I was able to complete it. It's aVest with a shirt and tie outfit. At this time, there is only one texture available, after all the work on the mesh I didn't wanted to do another textures, but I'm planning to do additional textures soon.

EDIT: More recolors available here

► Standalone item with a new mesh
► Clothing Top
► Compatible with Basegame
► Available for male teens, young adults, adults and elders
► You can find it under clothing/ Tops . It's on everyday, formal and party categories.
► Not enabled for randoms
► Highest level poly count: 3403

To install, just open the .rar file, and drag the .package file to your mods folder. Easy.

Please do not upload this mesh to any other sites or include it in your uploads, or claim it as your own or other artist's. Recolors are welcome (in fact, right now I only have 1 texture) but do not include the mesh, just link it here.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
► To the entire Sims 4 Studio Staff ( for doing this wonderful tool and their tutorials, without them I wouldn't able to complete it. I want to thank untraditionalnerd for his frankenmeshing tutorial hosted there.
► orangemittens for her advice.
► EA for making the original two meshes I combined.

GTA 5 Kawaii leggins

24 July 2017