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Top sans Skirt for Sims 4

26 July 2017
Top sans Skirt
 for Sims 4
With the Get Together expansion pack came two full body-outfits consisting of a top and a skirt. One of them (the one that Mila Munch wears) has a really beautiful top, but I find the skirt a tad matronly, so I simply decided to split it into a top. The top can be found under adult/female/upper body/everyday.

It comes in all the original nine colours, but I've changed the belt colour on five of them, because I didn't like the original colours. The changed belts are on the cream, blue, red, turqouise and green tops. All the tops can be seen in the pictures above.

Please note that while the shirt looks good on the heavier model, I did not max out the "fattening" slider, while it starts clipping above my model's size.

I know I've been harping on about "Get Together", but since it's a new mesh (or torn apart mesh with the bottom of another EA-shirt) it should work regardless of which expansions you have installed.

As the last thing I write, I want to thank the team over at Sims4Studio for their excellent meshing tutorials, without which I couldn't have created anything.

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