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UPDATE [Default] Shining manga eyes

28 July 2017
I've solved the issue where it wasn't possible to chose an eye color, should work now Please download the new file ^w^
(But I don't know how it will work with aliens, because I don't have the new add-on and they have different eyes >.<)

General information
These are my first (oh well... third I guess... but I haven't uploaded the first ones anywhere xD) self-made default eyes!
I hope they hit the taste of some people ^3^
Maybe some day I'll do a Non-Default version too but I can't promise... because actually I've made these for myself and uploaded them for people who would like to use them too ^3^
Also I changed the swatch(? Not sure if thats the correct word..) color of the eyes, where you choose them, but only a little bit, so that they fit a bit more the color of the eye...
Here is how they look like in game:

And here's a picture how all the eyes are looking in CAS:

At last here is one picture of how the eyes are looking on a Sim in CAS and one of how they actually look like in game (these two are not the same Sim and the eye color is not the same too The one in CAS should be green and the one in game I think was hazelgreen ^3^):

- I've made them under patch so I don't know if they would work with earlier patches (or later ones, but I guess later ones shouldn't be a problem... not sure about it u.u)
- They are default eyes, so they overwrite the original ones and also you can't use them together with other default replacement eyes

CC used
I used the facemask from S-Club for the guy in CAS, you can download it here

I'm sorry for possible bad spelling or grammar, English isn't my native language but I hope it's still all understandable enough >.<

Additional Credits:
- S4pe
- CASRecolor

Pearl Eyes (Non - Default)

27 July 2017
A new set of eyes with 7 colors available for your sim. The eyes can be found in the eyes section in CAS and are available for both genders and all ages. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Hair by Anto
Eyelashes by Kijiko

"Alluring" - 11 Non-Default Eyes + Contacts

25 July 2017
Added updated non-def file, they should now work properly with genetics
Added contacts in the Face Paint section

Hello again
In between requests for hair colours and fixing some things after the EP, I really wanted to keep making eyes and try and improve.
This is the best result so far.

There are 11 new swatches, non-defaults. I keep all my files though so upon request I could get these in defaults and/or contacts at some point

I hope you like them, I know I'm proud of them at least. Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter with any problems if there are any and I'll do my best to help you/fix it. Also I love feedback, and please leave thanks if you do like them ^.~

Special thanks to Screaming Mustard on TSR for the advice she's given me regarding creating eyes
All eyes I make are hand-painted (digitally of course) by myself.

CC in Images:

"Blohm" Hair by Alesso

S-Club WM Eyebrows 19

S-Club WMLL Facemask 2.0 A

Kijiko 3D Lashes

Juice - Hydrating Lip Colour by Screaming Mustard

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Photoshop CS5
Screaming Mustard on TSR for her wonderful advice (again)

More realistic looking eye colors! (Default and Non-Default)

23 July 2017
I am very proud of how these eyes turned out! I love them and I'm sure you will too!
Anyway, if you download the Default or Non-Default Maxis recolors and the Non-Default 'More colors' set, you now have 38 (more, if you have other CC eyes) eye colors for your sims!

Default: All 18 Maxis eye colors recolored.
Non-Default: All 18 Maxis colors recolored, located in face paint.
Non-Default 'More colors' set: 20 more colors: 2 amber, 3 gold, 5 green, 5 blue, 3 gray, 2 hazel. (The last two colors are hazel, which means they are two colors: brown or gold/green and blue/green)

IMPORTANT: If you take out old eye colors because you have too many, make sure you take those eyes off of the sims who had them on BEFORE you take the package out of your mods folder. This is because you won't be able to change the eye color of them unless you randomize the sim's eyes. (The sims 4 corrupted my package for the non-default eye 'more colors' set and now I have to go through and fix a lot of my sims eyes ) But don't worry I fixed the package! And if, for some reason your game corrupts it (it may say 'game data is missing or damaged' when you try to launch it), just re-download them. Idky this happened to me, I just thought I'd let you know if it helps.

I hope you like these eyes! And as always, enjoy! :D

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio

Anime-inspired plasma eyes

22 July 2017
This is a set of 20 custom drawn, anime-inspired eyes.
The eyes can be found under the facemask option in CAS.
Drawn by Xoriu at DeviantArt. I have her full permission to post and edit the texture.

Additional Credits:
Link to the artist:

Feline eyes set 2

21 July 2017
Perfect eyes for Halloween or for playing with supernatural sims

Semi-realistic Eye Color Replacements + Extra Colors

21 July 2017
Hand-painted eyes for you and your townies!

There are two packages you can download and one .rar file that contains both:-BASE Pack-Overrides EA's 18 default textures.Remember you can only have one eye color override/default replacement file in your mods folder at any given time. If you have more than one, the files will conflict with each other. I tried keeping the colors as close to EA's default ones as much as possible while also making them more colorful.-OTHER Pack-16 colors includedThis pack adds color swatches to the list of colors available.Meaning these can be used on their own to keep EA's original textures or can be mixed with another override/default replacement package.I love bright eyes, so most colors in this pack are quite light while only 4 are a bit darker.
Do Not Merge This Files Together, Please.

(Please do not re-upload to other sites or use my textures as templates)

My first upload! Yay!

Additional Credits:
Created with: Sims 4 Studio, Paint Tool SAI and Paint.Net

Gothelittle Rose's Extra Eyes

21 July 2017
Yes, these are new and separate eyecolors. They will show up *in addition to* your already-present eye colors.


Here's the deal. If you happen to grab a pair of custom eye packages that use the exact same color swatch, both swatches will show up as options, but both of them will take you to the first-loaded eye. I found that out by trial and error. If you are having that particular problem (if you are combining eye mods from different users - I ensured that my swatches in all of my eye mods are all unique to each other), that's why.

This is still fairly new territory, but I have tested these in-game and they work. I do not know if townie sims will generate using these eyecolors. A randomized sim in CAS may turn up wearing them.

Note: I tried to keep like with like. The browns should load closer to EA's browns, the blues close to EA's blues, etc.

Note2: "Xtra Eyes" is a zip file containing all of the packages, so that you can pick and choose which ones you want. "Xtra Eyes One Package" is a zip file containing a single package with all of the eye packages in it, in case you know you want them all and don't want a bunch of files cluttering up your folder.

Additional Credits:
I am indebted to the tools ColorMagic and s4pe for the ability to clone and alter eyes.

Lana - Brown Eyes Set

13 July 2017

This is a set of 4 different brown eyes

Each eye will give your sim a unique, warm and charismatic look.

I don't think I will make these in other eye colors such as blue or green, unless it is massively requested.

However if something about them is bothering you, aesthetic wise,
feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to make sure their quality will improve for my next uploads.

feedback is needed and very much appreciated!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims 4 Studio, an incredible and easy tool if you wish to make custom content as well.

All eyes redone

12 July 2017
Before remove other default eyes. Natural look. Hand painted eyes.

Additional Credits:
Lipstick :

Dress :

Clear eyes

7 July 2017
I hated immediately the big round eyes of the Sims !

Why do they incorporated expressions and make sims with expressionless eyes ?

Eyes are, it seems, the mirror of the soul. They now they can reflected emotions

One merged package - default remplacement of all the eyes

Additional Credits:
My blog :

Thanks to Zman40 for the tuto

TS2 Alien Eye + Blue Gums! Matte!

4 July 2017
I've been having lots of fun with my TS2-style aliens since I made those skins , but two things have been bothering me about them - their pink mouths and their hideous eyes! Aliens in The Sims 2 had blue gums, and it made them look that extra bit alien. And the TS4 eyes have this terrible, foggy attempt at shine - so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make some TS2-style alien eyes with gums attached to complete the look!

Make those sad aliens happy again! I feel they have so much more personality with these more cartoony eyes. The difference in the mouth is a subtle one, but it is noticeable -the mouth is totally recoloured, and the interior is a slightly darker shade than the tongue and gums (unlike EA's textures for TS4). The mouth will switch to blue automatically as soon as you select the eyes. Getting rid of the shine was easier than I assumed it would be, and now TS4 is a little bit closer to TS2!

You'll find the eyes last in the list, after violet, and they'll have a deep black thumbnail. They're available both for humans and for aliens, and don't replace anything else - they're also set to not spawn on random townies. You can use this as a base if you'd like to make eyes that don't have a specular, or if you'd like to make your own recolour of the TS4 mouth!

It's even improved poor Stella's lovelife!

Qahne offers no guarantees as to the effect these eyes will have on your romantic endeavours. Any claim made here is anecdotal and has not been scientifically verified.


Natural Colors Eyeset

28 June 2017
Hi peeps! I would like to present you my first TS4 creation, the Natural Colors [default replacement] Eyeset.

When it comes to design, graphics or photomanip, I'm always about finding compromises. When TS4 came out, I loved the cartoon feeling, but then I saw the eyes. Even if I liked those at first, brighter colors seemed too saturated for me. No one has eyes THAT blue, right?
I decided to create my own, but keep the feel. I thought the right tones would add some realness and smooth textures would ensure the original style.
I was happy how those turned out to be, but you be the judge! Try and leave me your opinion. Thanks!

UPDATED Natural Colors Eyeset (five new eye colors included) HERE

Additional Credits:

Sims on the Rope for the original default replacements in one package.

Rainbow Eyes [Non-Default]

28 June 2017
Hello everyone! Today, I'm presenting my new non-default Rainbow eyes! They look great on any sims - but (I think) especially the aliens!

They're non-default so that means the game reads the 'eyes' as makeup (facepaint) rather than an actual eye-colour. So really, they're more like coloured contacts for your sims. They're under the facepaint catagory of makeup, and come with two swatches.

The swatches are almost identical, but one has been darkened/shadowed at the top of the iris, providing a more realistic affect. While the brighter eyes look more unnatural or 'freaky' and stand out a bit more. (Both swatches are in the same file)

The rainbow iris will move in sync with your sim's actual eye, meaning if you want to give your sim huge or tiny pupils & irises, it's fully doable with these

Please leave me some feedback, it's always welcome and wanted!
I hope you enjoy these, and Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CS6

S4S (Sims 4 Studio)