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Alien Default Eyes Replacement for Sims 4

10 February 2017
Alien Default Eyes Replacement
 for Sims 4
Game Requirements and Combatibility

This Default Replacement was created with Version (Update 05/14/2015-05/15/2015)

Mod Description

I was not happy with the way the alien eyes looked, so I decided to give the aliens an eye overhaul.
The inspirations for these new eyes are:

Reptilian, Insect, Galaxy Nebula and classic shiny black alien eyes

The eyes are Default Replacements, therefore you can only use one pack at a time. So if you downloaded several Default eyes for aliens before, you need to replace them with this version, if you want to give it a try.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to:

Sim Studio 4
Gimp 2.8
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