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UPDATE [Default] Shining manga eyes for Sims 4

28 July 2017
UPDATE [Default] Shining manga eyes
 for Sims 4
I've solved the issue where it wasn't possible to chose an eye color, should work now Please download the new file ^w^
(But I don't know how it will work with aliens, because I don't have the new add-on and they have different eyes >.<)

General information
These are my first (oh well... third I guess... but I haven't uploaded the first ones anywhere xD) self-made default eyes!
I hope they hit the taste of some people ^3^
Maybe some day I'll do a Non-Default version too but I can't promise... because actually I've made these for myself and uploaded them for people who would like to use them too ^3^
Also I changed the swatch(? Not sure if thats the correct word..) color of the eyes, where you choose them, but only a little bit, so that they fit a bit more the color of the eye...
Here is how they look like in game:

And here's a picture how all the eyes are looking in CAS:

At last here is one picture of how the eyes are looking on a Sim in CAS and one of how they actually look like in game (these two are not the same Sim and the eye color is not the same too The one in CAS should be green and the one in game I think was hazelgreen ^3^):

- I've made them under patch so I don't know if they would work with earlier patches (or later ones, but I guess later ones shouldn't be a problem... not sure about it u.u)
- They are default eyes, so they overwrite the original ones and also you can't use them together with other default replacement eyes

CC used
I used the facemask from S-Club for the guy in CAS, you can download it here

I'm sorry for possible bad spelling or grammar, English isn't my native language but I hope it's still all understandable enough >.<

Additional Credits:
- S4pe
- CASRecolor
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