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Gothelittle's New Default Eyes for Sims 4

23 April 2017
Gothelittle's New Default Eyes
 for Sims 4
2015-04-04 - **FIXED** - If you find these eyes are "broken" after the most recent update, please download the zip file marked "040415".

Having gained a bit more experience in eye-texturing, I decided to overhaul the replacement eyes for Sims 4!

Asked to cover the new eyes added to the game in October, I chose to redo everything. Why? Now that I know how to add non-default eyes to the game, I no longer need to focus on extreme variety among the few slots allotted for eye choices. I will release a new "Extra Eyes" mod (or a few) with additional exotic eye colors for those looking for more.

Additional Credits:
I could not have made this mod without Color Magic or s4pe. I would like to offer a shout-out to S4Studio, which I used to help verify that the files were working.
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