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Wavy Subtle Hair -Mesh Edit- for Sims 4

13 February 2017
Wavy Subtle Hair -Mesh Edit-
 for Sims 4
It's here, my mesh edit of a hair which I worked quite hard on. It's my first mesh edit too!

It comes in 18 different colors also feel free to re texture it (I have no clue on how to create hair textures).
It works with hats and feel free to leave suggestions on what I should create next.

Below is all the information you'll need to know.

Object Information

It's a mesh edit, it's also a standalone hair.
It's made for female and works with Young Adult, Teen, Adult and Elder.
You can use it for your own creations but please credit me for the mesh and link back here.
If you have any problems please PM me.

Game Requirements

It works with The Sims 4 full game, not sure about the CAS demo but you could try.

Additional Credits

Thank you creators of Color Magic, S4PE, Sims 4 Studio, Blender and Photoshop. Without you this upload would have not been possible to make!
A special thanks to An_dz ( for fixing the order of the colors in cas.

Thanks & Please enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
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