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UPDATED: More Drinks For Kids

27 July 2017
Hi guys,

UPDATED FOR CITY LIVING! Enjoy! --- Not all of them needed updating, so check the upload dates for the ones you need to re-download. I also removed the Cream Cola and Rootbeer Float ones, because EA finally made those available for kids! YAY!

I thought the kids could use more drink options, so I made some more available for them to order, drink and get the buff benefits from. As far as I know this will only work with "Dine Out", not sure if the drinks are still "drinkable" without.
Kids can drink drinks made at the bar too, they just need an adult to make or order it for them

The base game teas are my own updated version and are similar to and inspired by "Tea for Children" by Plasticbox and will work with the tea maker as well. The grab interaction is the "food swipe" for both adults and kids though. I haven't figured out how to separate the animations so the adults will still "pour" their tea. It doesn't bother me though, not sure if anyone wants a version where the kids ability to grab is removed so the adults can pour their drink?
Until Plasticbox comes back and wants to update, I hope you like this inferior version :P

Drinks can be downloaded as separates or all in one package.

New available options are:

- Fizzy Fruity Drink (Spa Day)
- Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea (Spa Day)
- Pitch Black Tea (For fear of being sued, restaurants do not offer this for kids 'cause it contains caffeine, buuut, kids can still sneak a cup from the tea pot at home, shhhh).
- Healthy Green Tea
- Run Oolong Tea
- Calming Chamomile Tea
- Earl Grey, Hot Tea
- Steamy Ginseng Tea (The adults still get the flirty moodlet, but kids get a playful moodlet)
- Protein Shake
- Amygdelight
- Space Energy Drink

Enjoy you drinks!


Additional Credits:
- Special thanks to Icemunmun for pointing me to where the drinks can be made available in the menu
- And thanks to Plasticbox for the tea inspiration
- Made with S4PE

Surreal Paintings Replaced

27 July 2017

Work In Everyday Outfit

26 July 2017
UPDATE 2016/March/30: Update for 1.16.61 (compatible down to 1.13.104)
UPDATE 2015/July/17: Update for 1.9.80 (still compatible with
UPDATE 2015/July/02: Update for 1.8.61

This mod will make your Sims go to work using their everyday outfit rather than their career outfits.

It should work with all careers for all ages, not limited to default careers and including GTW careers. Remember that you can change your outfit at the job.

This mod is based on my mod on the adult section of MTS and is an update of MasterDinadan's Go to Work in Everyday Clothing who has stopped updating the mod.

There are two packages to download, you must install only one. Both packages will make your Sims go to work in everyday outfit, including to GTW jobs.

The one called An_dz-WorkInEverydayClothes will make your Sim change to the career outfit after you shower or workout at your job.

The one called An_dz-AlwaysWorkInEverydayClothes will make your Sim always use everyday clothing even after showering or working out at your job.

This mod works with 1.16.61 down to 1.13.104, it will not work with older versions.

This mod overwrites the following ITUN/XML:
0x03B33DDF || 0x00000000 || 0x7D699DEF21212D5E
Any mod that overwrites it will conflict with this mod.

This means that it's not compatible with MasterDinadan's mod as well as my own mods in SexySims. You must install only one of those mods.

Additional Credits:

Classic Paintings Replaced

25 July 2017

Drama Queen Trait

24 July 2017
"These Sims are lover of theatrics and can make a show out of the smallest of details. Sometimes they can throw a Tantrum over seemingly nothing."

A Drama Queen is a Sim who tends to make something sound more serious than it actually is, and tends to overreact. A Drama Queen can have some difficulties getting along with people who does not treat them as the Drama Queen think they should, such as teachers, or customers at service jobs. But young children who expresses these behaviors tend to learn how to get what they want out of a social interaction more quickly than other kids. Due to their proficiency at expressing themselves Drama Queens excel at specific artistic fields.

A drama queen has a 60 percent chance of throwing a Tantrum between every 2 to 5 minutes, although it only lasts for 30 seconds.

"Your Sim has decided to throw a Tantrum! Tantrums can ruin a good moment for your Sim and those around, but will fade quickly if surrounded by friends and loved ones."

When throwing a Tantrum the Sim tends to be Sad, and can easily become Angry. They also feel a stronger urge to socialize with other Sims.

Whims include:
Use a Social Network
Propose Crazy Scheme to Someone
Vent to Someone

*Please give me feedback, and feel free to send requests for other traits.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu for The Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory.
LumiaLover for the CAS background.


24 July 2017
This set include 20 new functional Void Critter cards with Pokemon from the first generation ( both in classic and premium edition ), 3 new boosters pack to obtain this cards, only accessible by yours sims trough a computer in a new booster shop, 2 recolors for the Battle Station ( Pokemon Blue Edition and Pokemon Red edition ), one sticker for each of the 20 Pokemon and a Poster "Pokemon X Void Critter". This set also override the Training Rabbit from Battle Station with the substitute doll from Pokemon.

This set need the Kids Room Stuff Pack
The set use Script mod, so you must enable Script mods on Sims 4 options.

Detailed content

New Void Critter Cards :

VoidDrowzeeMr. MimeAlakazamMewtwo

Boosters Pack :

All boosters pack are purchasable on any home computer :

Void Critter booster pack - Base and Kanto set15One random card from base cards or new cards
Void Critter Booster - Kanto set20One random card from new cards
Void Critter Booster - Kanto's Starters10Bulbasaur or Squirtle or Charmander

Stickers and poster :

Stickers Air Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Pidgey and a Fearow and a Pidgeot and a Dragonite.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Earth Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Bulbasaur and a Oddish and a Victreebel and a Scyther.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Fire Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Charmander and a Vulpix and a Flareon and a Moltres.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Void Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Drowzee and a Mr. Mime and a Alakazam and a Mewtwo.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Water Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Squirtle and a Poliwhirl and a Vaporeon and a Articuno.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Poster Pokemon X Void Critter300Poster from special episode of Pokemon X Void CritterDecorative / Wall Hangings.

Battle Station Recolor :

This set add two new swatches to the Battle station :
Pokemon Red EditionPokemon Blue Edition

It also replace the Training rabbit by the substitute doll from Pok

Drink give energy Espresso and updated drink mods of MadameButterfly

23 July 2017
All mods compatibles with patch 1.25.136 06/12/2016

All mods compatibles with patch 1.25.135 01/12/2016

Compatible with patch 1.24.112 15/11/2016

All the mod have been updated for patch 1.24

Added a new tea flavor Honey, Lemon and Ginger tea on "Tea give more energy" files. It becomes available from the Tea Pot.

The old mods have been ziped on a folder named "Old flavor pack compatible before 1.24"

NOTE: Some errors was discovered in some files. I uploaded new version of:
-ODR Juice - FLAVOR PACK - 1.20 (MB) new.rar
-ODR Cooler Milk - FLAVOR PACK - 1.20 new.rar
-Tea Give more Energy 1.20 new.rar
Please redownload. Even in the title is 1.20, they are compatible with patch 1.23

Thanks to coolspear1 for helping me to fix the errors.

All mods are compatible with patch 1.23.24 -27 Sept 2016

All mods are compatible with patch 1.22.22 -16 August 2016
All mods are compatible with patch 1.21.40 -26 July 2016
All mods are compatible with patch 1.21.37 -18 July 2016
No update needed for patch 1.21.32 14 July 2016. The espresso for 1.19.31 and MB mods are still working

Added a new uptaded mod by MB -ODR Juice

No update needed for patch 1.20 23 June 2016. The mods for 1.19.31 is still working
New updated mods for patch 1.20 -by Madame Butterflay- was added
Updated for patch 1.19.31 -16 June 2016[/B]
Updated for patch 1.19.30 -02 June 2016
No update needed for patch 1.18 -17 May 2016. The mods for 1.15 is still working.
No update needed for patch 1.17 -21 April 2016. The mods for 1.15 is still working.
No update needed for patch 1.16 -March 2016. The mods for 1.15 is still working.
Updated for patch 1.15.55 - 4 Feb 2016
It is not necessary to have an update for patch 1.14.49 (7 Jan 2016). The files have not been modified

I managed to make new mod that complements Coffee Give More Energy mod by MadameButterfly by adding the new espresso machine that came with Get Togheter.
The MB mod is here:

What I changed:
motive bladder from -20 to -10
motive hunger from 15 to 55
motive energy from 10 to 100

It works for both, single and double espresso machine.

It works at home or at bar.
Tested in my game for all recipe of coffee.
(sorry for my English)

This mod is compatible for version 1.13.106

List of files modified:

Added some of MadameButterfly's mods

The original version of those mods was by MadameButterfly, who has retired from modding.

She wrote: It is time for me to say 'adieu' and retire from modding TS4. The decision is a purely personal one. Thank-you to those who supported me during my run. I've been at it since this game first released, and I really appreciated the kind words that kept me going now and again. If anyone wishes to take up any of my mods, feel free.
Happy simming! ~MB

So I have just updated some mods to work with the new 1.20 patch. MB

Updated Stuff breaks far less easily by MB

23 July 2017
Compatible with patch 1.25.136 06/12/2016

Updated for patch 1.25.135 01/12/2016
Base game objects compatibles with patch.
Only the GTW package has been modified.

Compatible with patch 1.24.112 15/11/2016

Updated MB mods for patch 1.24 -27/10/2016

Added new packages with Chemistry Lab and Chemical Analyzer from GTW

So, here are the reduced breakage flavors:

0 Percent - Default chance changed from 67% on all objects to 0%
5 Percent - Default chance changed from 67% on all objects to 5%
15 Percent - Default chance changed from 67% on all objects to 15%
30 Percent - Default chance changed from 67% on all objects to 30%

motion game
kitchen sink

Added in separate package objects from GTW. They have the same flavor.
Chemistry Lab
Chemical Analyzer



Unzip the archive and place the file in your mods folder as usual.
Use only one flavor.

Additional Credits:
Credit to MadameButterfly for creating the original mod
Original mod can be found here:
The original mod is working for the all patch before 1.24

Woodworking Custom Toys 1

23 July 2017
Download adds the following custom toys to the game.
Sports Car lvl 1 polycount 470 exactly like base game
Helicopter lvl 3 polycount 554 exactly like base game
Streetcar lvl 5 polycount 330 exactly like base game
Pick-up Truck lvl 2 polycount 330 exactly like base game

Requires WoodworkCustomFurnitureNToysMenus
Woodwork Custom Toys 1
---Available to woodworker depending on skill level
---not a buy option

Requirement :
1. Requires WoodworkCustomFurnitureNToysMenus

Made with Game PC Version
Base Game Compatible

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod
Polygon Counts: Same as Base Game toys and sculptures

Additional Credits:
- K9DB
-Sims 4 studio

Basic Buy Whims/Edits

23 July 2017
These are a bunch of edited and new whims / whim sets for basic buy whims.


No More Overpriced Flowers and Fruits

23 July 2017
No More Overpriced Flowers and Fruits

This mod will keep the maximum value a produce (any fruit or flower) can gain to its respective price in the catalog - i.e. as if you bought the item from the build/buy catalogs.

Previously, as the quality of the produce gets better, you will gain unexplained price changes (usually increments) if you do any of the following:
- save or reload, travel to another lot, go on vacation etc
- sell one stacked item after another
- put item into household inventory, place item on ground in lot, rinse and repeat
With expensive high quality produce, e.g. blackberry, the price gains are much greater.

The mod comes with the following additional console commands:

ckobjsValidates mod definitions used with those in gamelobjsLists and counts instantiated items by type with max. value applied
Household inventory items are not checked as they are not instantiated.
You don't need to enable testingcheats to use the above commands.

ckobjs: You can use ckobjs to do some basic troubleshooting. It ensures the objects being checked for applying the mod matches those as defined in-game.

lobjs: An instantiated item is one that exists in the game. Items placed in the household inventory are technically not in-game. Their value will be updated the next time you pull them out of the inventory. Items that are spawned around the house (e.g. wild bushes) are considered in-game.

Example output:object_GardeningFlower_Sage: 40 itemsThis means there is a total of 40 sage flowers loaded currently.

As lobjs checks wild bushes, trees etc, you should be able to use this in vacation lots, venues etc to check quickly if there is produce ready to be harvested.

Installation and Compatibility

Simply copy, do not unzip, the zip file into your game Mods folder. This is a script mod, so scripting must be enabled in your game options.

This mod is tested to be compatible with Windows version of the game up to patch (see GameVersion.txt)

If you want to keep the prices of any inflated items previously, make sure you keep a backup save of your game before applying the mod.

If you have applied the mod, the price changes are not permanent until you save. So, if you applied the mod and is not happy with the changes, just exit the game and remove the zip file

Produce from Base and Outdoor Retreat are checked. However, OR is not required. If you have Base, it will still work.

If you can't wait for the next pack and have already updated to the latest patch, you can troubleshoot as follows:

- Repeat the steps above that make prices change e.g. put in build/buy, extract, repeat.
- If prices still fluctuate, run ckobjs.
If you don't see "Definition matches. Maximum values applied", mod has broken due to xml / game object definition changes.

Known Issues

None (currently)

Additional Credits:

All of the brilliant people who have worked on getting the game's base scripts decompiled.

Fetusdip for his reload script to make testing a whole lot easier

Scripthoge for the Python script injection routines required to make this mod possible

scumbumbo for his mods and board posts which I used as reference materials.

Jjajangmyeon - Korean Black Bean Noodles

23 July 2017
Compatible with the patch PC Version / Mac Version (Dec 6, 2016.)

Update Dec 12, 2016: fixed restaurant price.
Update Nov 17, 2016: Chinese translation updated (ver. 1.0.1).


Jjajangmyeon is Koreanized Chinese Stir Fry Noodles. Sims can prepare this food on stoves, and the cooking recipe is available from stove, fridge, bars, Chinese food stand (EP03), Chinese food takeout boxes (CC), and food truck (CC).
(*note: these functions will be available when the Custom Food Interaction is updated to version 2.0 and the CC objects are released.)
YOU NEED CUSTOM FOOD INTERACTION v1.9.1 or higher for the recipe to be available in game.Cooking skill level 4 is required.Any vegetable can be used as ingredient but is not required.Tagged as Meat, Child Friendly

Compatibility: Your game version must be at least 1.24.102 for this recipe to work! Made with PC Version / Mac Version Compatible.The dish, however, will also show up in the restaurant and food stand menus if you have GP03 Dine Out and EP03 City Living (respectively) installed.Should not conflict with any other mod.Safe to merge with other files.
How to use this recipe:Make sure your game version is up-to-date.Make sure you installed all the required files (both recipe and custom interaction scripts.)Click either refrigerators or stoves in game and choose [Cook Custom Meal] pie menu.Ready-to-eat version is available from bars, food stalls (EP03), Chinese food takeout boxes (CC), and food truck (CC).Choose the recipe you'd like to cook from the list. Please note that recipes won't appear If your sim doesn't have the required skill.

Localisation:English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian (all translated by myself); Chinese (wuccwzt).
I used google translator for the translation. So feel free to correct any mistake and add suggestions. You can simply translate the texts below and leave a comment or attach a text file. Please DO NOT send me an extracted STBL file using s4pe. I have a couple of issues with directly importing string files, so would rather manually add them.

English / Jjajangmyeon / Cook Jjajangmyeon


Polygon Counts: Single meal: 583 vertices / 746 polygonsGroup meal: 331 vertices / 378 polygonsEmpty bowl: Same as EA mesh
Credit:Plasticbox for the custom interaction script and tutorial.Noir and Dark Sims for the food mesh.Made with Sims4Studio, Blender, and Photoshop