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Additional Waiter 3, 4, and 5 (Up To 6 Waiters) for Sims 4

3 March 2017
Additional Waiter 3, 4, and 5 (Up To 6 Waiters)
 for Sims 4
My mod works fine with latest update!


Hi guys! Im only an amateur modder and this is my first mod
and sorry for my bad english

Before i explain what is this, i want to say thanks to Lindseyy because her "Hire Additional Host " mod, has inspired me to create this mod.

Additional Waiter #3 #4 and #5 let you to add waiter up to 6 waiters!
It really useful for everyone who always create a huge restaurant. You have two or three levels restaurant but you only have 3 waiters??
Come on i bet all customers will get mad because all the waiters serve food too long LOL and it takes much time
So, you really need this mod

XML Resource Used:

Any other mod using this XML will conflict

Waiter Fix by luoer click here
Used to reset waiter option that disappears when mod is removed

Thank ElenaInTheSims for Dutch Translation :D
You can download here

Additional Credits:
Lindseyy: You have inspired me :D
Sims 4 Studio
Scarlet from SimsVIP for the Mod Tutorial articles
luoer for waiter fix :D
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