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Wolve Tattoo

27 July 2017
So this is my first Tatto ever.
You can find it under the wing tattoo.

Star Trek Beyond Jaylah CC Skin and Eyes (FIXED!)

24 July 2017
Star Trek Beyond Jaylah CC (Skin and Eyes) played by Sofia Boutella
Jaylah is a new character introduced in the 3rd installment of the rebooted Star Trek movies, Star Trek Beyond. Jaylah helps save the crew and befriends them, and ultimately is one of the most charming new characters I've ever seen. I absolutely adore her so I had to make this CC skin and eye package! Nothing is known about the name or origin of Jaylah's species, so sorry I can't elaborate! Distinct features are the white skin with these beautiful markings and bright yellow eyes. I painted the markings on a white female mannequin model from the Get to Work expansion pack using Photoshop and just recoloured some eyes using Photoshop again.

The file was missing! I can't help but laugh, I think this is because when I first made the mod I was just SO excited to get it out that I didn't realise that the occult setting was like a default??? Therefore ALL of the aliens were showing up looking exactly like Jaylah. I attempted to replace the file, but I guess it didn't work, so IT SHOULD BE THERE NOW! Please let me know if that is still a problem for you and I'll see what I can do!

Skin Overlay found in Skin Details
Eye Recolour
Works on both male and female sims/frames - and aliens! - however male sims have a slightly darker stripe on the top of the shoulder, presumably where the frame breaks slightly? Because we don't know anything about her species, this could be seen as an additional design element haha!

Does not work with most makeup, only eyeliner and face paint.
Does not work with tattoos!
For some reason you can't see the toes, giving them a mannequin-like effect.

I recommend you download the Silver Hair colour by Jeeep200 ( LINK ) to get the white hair, because the greyest hair colour in game has a weird bluesh tint to it, so the white hair would be better for them!!

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and Jaylah was likely created by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung when writing Beyond

*Updated* 28/03/15* 9 Dark Elf Skintones

18 July 2017
Updated for the 26.03 patch. I'm leaving the old files for people who didn't update the game.

9 Skintones made for dark elves and other supernatural creatures.
Added 6 more skintones

They will not add details to any base game or custom skins and will not override any details.
All in seperate packages.

They have 2 different versions:
-Allowed for random sims (game will create new sims (neighbors) with this skintones )
-Not Allowed for random sims (game will not create new sims with this skintones, only the sims you created with this skintones will use them)

All skintones can be used together. (If you use allowed for random and not allowed for random versions together for the same skintone, one will override the other.)

Can be downloaded in 5 sets:






Custom Content Used:
Experimental Elf Ears are by me @ my tumblr . They have morph problems so read the instructions if you want to use them.
Lot used for in-game screenshots: Swimming Bath Dreamland from HytroxDesign (community uploads)

Made with S4PE
Thanks to snaitf for his tutorial here

R male skin 1 - dark

17 July 2017
My very first skin for the Sims 4! Almost every part of it is 'hand'-drawn and a few parts derived from a bunch of photographs.
The dark skin version comes in 2 different colours at opacity levels of 100%, 90% and 80% each. There are two variants aswell (defined torso and less defined torso). It has a custom thumbnail and is located under skindetail category.

There is a light, a fantasy coloured and a female version aswell, just check my profile :D

Please do NOT copy or modify the skin or parts of it without asking me first!
Creator Notes
meet me on tumblr:

S-Club WMLL ts4 ICE skin F

16 July 2017
New Female skin for you,
We try a new style this time, to have an effet pale, only for female.
This is an overly skin, it can be overly some of makeups.

Hope you like it, thanks!

Abriana Skin V1

15 July 2017
This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set
New skin overlay. Kept a lot of the details from my previous skin overlays but worked a lot on making it more vibrant. Face is completely reworked and made some changes to the chest, knees and hands. V1 is for the larger breasted gals or to produce a pushup effect. Works with all EA and custom skintones. Compatible with body sliders and you can choose from the many EA eyelids. Works with all makeup. Anatomical correct. Female teen to elder. To achieve the look in the pictures combine with my new Skintone Set V3, see link in recommended items.
Creator Notes
Hair by: Leah Lillith: *Click*
Hair by LollaLeeloo: *Click*
Hair by Nightcrawler: *Click*
Credits: TSR, Sims4studio and all the wonderful creators of cc

Candice SKIN

14 July 2017
Realistic female skin for your sims!

Custom thumbnail
8 color tones
U can find it in Skin Details
HQ texture
Work with HQ mod

Hope you like it ;)

PS Glossy Skin

11 July 2017
Glossy skintone in 5 colors, which are adjustable with EA tones (for example: you can get every shade to a cool tone, if you choose the blue maxis skin).
It is a oilier version of our Noe Skin, the bodies are muscular and glossy, the faces aswell. We've put up our face shine onto it, so if you liked the effect of these, you have them in this skintone included, so you can use it with some colored blushes.

For female and male sims, teen - elder. +asian eyelid versions.

Infinite Skin

10 July 2017
Do you want realism but don't want eyebags, moles and spots? Try this new skin! It will add texture, details and realism

It's non-default and works for male and female sims from YA to elder. The top part is anatomically correct.

It's an overlay and it is found in the skin details section. It has a custom thumbnail with two custom swatches: one for the male version and one for the female version.

Open the images in a new window or tab to see in detail


Eyes: Natural Eyes -default+non-default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Female eyebrows: Astute Eyebrows -non default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Male eyebrows: Gentle Eyebrows -non default- by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me
Eyelashes: Simple Eyelashes by Vampire_aninyosaloh AKA Me


TS4 CAS Tools by CmarNYC

Enjoy and happy simming!